The Power of Self Sufficient Reading

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The old adage is still true today: knowledge is power.  While it may not look like it based on the power that pop culture yields its still very true. We are awash in different forms of knowledge and that is one of the perks of our society today.

The old adage is still true today: knowledge is power. 

We have videos and podcast, we have television and radio but there is an old medium that still works better than most.

The intimate connection between a person and a book is like nothing else. You can drool at a television and have utter chaos going on around you. Its not the same. Many people work while they absorb podcasts, again, another things that just doesn’t hold up.

The one on one connection of a person and a book gives your mind the ability to fully focus on the information that is going into your head. Books are also a resource that can sit up on a shelf. You can easily leaf through them, keep them open and read them over and over until you find exactly the information or solution you are looking for.

While there are many ways that you can broaden your preparedness horizons you should look at books as a method that you might have forgotten or left behind. There are some great books to consider adding to your collection.

We are all in the market for improvements in our level of preparedness. It would seem that we are going to be able to find those developments in many ways but the best way is to get some tangible knowledge that will outlast any off grid SHTF situation.

Books are just that resource. While computers can die or break and even ebooks can go the same way, you will always have books to carry and refer to for that life saving knowledge. Or even just for a good story.

The old adage is still true today: knowledge is power. 

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