The Realities of Urban Survival

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We all of this idea about how it’s all going to go down. What will it look like if the big one hits?  Whatever it might be.

We all of this idea about how its all going to go down. What will it look like if the big one hits.

If you live in an urban environment I hope your first priority is to get out of the most populated areas and seek a better living situation elsewhere.

There are tons of books, sites and resources about surviving the urban landscape. O


While many people like to take the paramilitary stance on urban survival, there will likely not be many gun battles. People tend to think that these fallen areas will look like a war zone before long. Well, there could be some warring factions but the biggest killer will come from the lack of sanitation and waste management.

This will bring pests and pests will bring disease. Outbreaks of killer diseases will be very common in close quarters.


Get the jump on everything and get out when you can. Do not get tied up with the masses. If you feel like its time to go you must. You do not want to be in a city if they decide to levy martial law to maintain some form of order.


FEMA will have a tough time feeding a cities worth of people. That means there will be people who have and who have not. That is always a recipe for disaster. Unless they have enough food for everyone aid will likely cause chaos, like we have seen in Venezuela.

The question we all ask is whether or not urban survival is possible. Could people actually live through each other, the disease, the lack of resources and the like? Lets just hope we never have to see the answer unfold in America.

We all of this idea about how its all going to go down. What will it look like if the big one hits.

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