The Retail Collapse and What it Means to Preppers

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You cannot go for a drive without seeing a small business tank. You see, its a terrible fate that is coming for all retail operations as long as the online retail monopolies are allowed to get more efficient and undercut those who employ humans and have store fronts.

You cannot go for a drive without seeing a small business tank.

Its such a losing game for retailers that its hard to believe so many are still open. However, with the falling down of these retailers we, as preppers are going to face a number of issues. Also, our neighbors are going to face those issues, as well.

Let’s look at three big ones!

OPSEC Terminated

The age of purchasing things with cash is facing a hasty end. It’s coming fast and people are going to be looking at the dissolution of cash as though it was some big surprise. We have to understand that we are either going to make what we store or buy it with highly traceable online transactions.

Workforce Changing

The American workforce is falling to automation. Its just part of this game. You are going to see people losing jobs in the very near future. People who are unemployable beyond the jobs they have now. This is going to create a very desperate population.

That is what we need to think about as we watch these retailers fall.

Civil Unrest

If you follow step one into step two, it’s not a stretch to imagine that things get worse and people get angrier. You see, we are going to face time when the jobs are drying up and the people are as desperate as they can get.

At this point, they will head towards the streets and bring chaos as an EDC. This will be a state of the union that will not go away for a long time.

You cannot go for a drive without seeing a small business tank.

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