Thirteen Survival Tips in Case of a Civil War in America

Thirteen Survival Tips in Case of a Civil War in America - Soldiers fighting a civil war usually avoid as much collateral damage as possible. They may want to use the infrastructure to rebuild and recover after the war is over. Follow Me on Pinterest

A current wave of discontent sweeps across America. Our institutions are weakened, and our political parties become more polarized and antagonistic by the day.

 Fundamental questions divide us, and for many people—too many people—there is no middle ground. It seems that (God forbid) another civil war is looming over the horizon. Some believe it may happen in this lifetime, in this orange administration.

The question now is, are you prepared for it?

 If you think a civil war is coming, what should you do? Consider this list of handy tips in case you need to survive such a catastrophe.

Move Out of Major Cities

Soldiers fighting a civil war usually avoid as much collateral damage as possible. They may want to use the infrastructure to rebuild and recover after the war is over.

 But war is hell, and grenades and shrapnel don’t discriminate between friend and foe—combatant or noncombatant. Civilian casualties may be unavoidable. Thus, it’s always a good idea to stay away from areas that may soon turn into a battlefield.

 Big or important cities like Washington, DC, may likely be priority targets, especially if they are in strategic choke points and are able to supply and shelter an army. So if you live in a major metropolis, get out of dodge ASAP.


Get a Cabin in the Woods

Even if you’re far from the fighting, you still need somewhere to stay until things blow over. Staying in a rural town is one option, but should the conflict escalate, you are better off hiding in the woods.

If you own or can find a cheap plot of land in the countryside, consider building a small cabin. A budget DIY shack doesn’t need much time to set up, and you can make it your home base for your survival.


Grow a Garden 

You’re going to have a hard time buying food when a civil war strikes.

With a garden, you’ll have a source of fresh fruits and vegetables, enough to keep you healthy and help you survive. Plus, while you’re growing a garden and preparing for a war, you’ll become self-sufficient and won’t have to rely on getting food from the grocery. You can save more money in the long run too.


Make Sure You Have Enough Guns

You’ll want to have plenty of guns for fighting off looters and pillagers. The AR-15 is a popular rifle, but you’ll also want hunting rifles and shotguns for keeping meat on the table.

And don’t forget the ammo! Store a large supply of deer rounds, 12-gauge-shotgun shells, and hoard up on some .22 ammo for hunting birds and other small game. Eating vegetables is all well and good, but in most cases, you gotta eat meat to keep your protein up.


Build an Underground Shelter

 An American civil war will be gruesome and bloody. Hundreds of devastating missiles will be launched in a few hours. You do not want to be aboveground when they strike.

That is why every American should build a concrete bunker. You’ll be protected from annihilation. And even if a war won’t happen, bunkers can make great guest lodging for friends or family who go to visit from out of town.


Be Prepared for Alternative Means of Exchange

When a civil war strikes, money will become completely worthless on one side. The other side will face extreme inflation as the Feds print new money at unprecedented levels, driving the value of the dollar to almost nothing. You’ll want to store commodities with a long shelf life, such as flashlight batteries and canned food. Even everyday luxuries like cigarettes and books can be valuable bartering goods.


Store Plenty of Water


A civil war can cut you off from municipal water supplies. In some cases, groundwater may become contaminated. Don’t take chances. Even more important is making your own source of water.

One way of doing that is by setting up a rainwater harvesting system.

But remember, just because rainwater comes from the sky doesn’t mean it’s clean. You should make sure to boil the water so it can be safe for drinking. Make sure you have plenty of water stored away for you and your family if a civil war strikes.


Remember the Little Things

Don’t forget soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, and not to mention, deodorant. Bleach can help disinfect your home and water supply.

These basic items can make it seem like life is still normal, helping improve your mood and morale and those of others as well. Many revolutions have been lost because of poor hygiene and diseases. You don’t want to die of dysentery. Stay clean amid the rubble, and don’t be a casualty.


Learn Low-Tech Communication

A civil war is likely to cut people off from electronic communication. Radios, televisions, and the internet will no longer function.

To communicate with the outside world, master smoke signals and flag semaphores. You may even want to build your own low-tech ham radio and learn to talk to the rest of the world with Morse code.


Stay with a Group

It’s easy to distrust people during a war as some of them may be bandits or just out to save their own skins. However, it’s crucial to band together during a crisis.

A group of people has a better chance at survival than one person has, and you may need help getting food, medicine, and other essential items. Learn from Sansa Stark’s words in A Game of Thrones, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”


Keep within the Law

Though laws are silent when the guns of war sound off, everyone is still subject to a higher power—morals.

Remember that there are also other people out there and that they too may have stockpiles of food and other items, which they need to survive. Stealing from them means that you may have taken away their chances of survival, that you’ve indirectly killed them. Do you want that on your conscience?

Plus, if you’re suspected, your victims may want to hunt you down and take back their stuff. So aside from marauding soldiers, you now have to contend with angry refugees. That’s why stealing should never be an option. It’s better to trade and work together with others.


Don’t Make Yourself a Target

During a civil war, the distinction between combatants may become blurry, and in the haze of gunpowder and dirt, your silhouette can attract friendly fire, and that’ll be the end of you.

To avoid that, keep your head down and hide. If you’ve found body armor, hide it under your shirt; you don’t want to be mistaken for a soldier. And, like what has been stated in the previous points, work well with others and don’t become a threat. You don’t want more people to identify you as a hostile.


Are You Prepped Up? 

When the revolution comes, don’t be caught unprepared. To stay safe, you will have to adapt to dangerous conditions and outsmart armies. Stay aware, stay on the right side, and stay alive. Remember that “discretion is the better part of valor.”


Thirteen Survival Tips in Case of a Civil War in America - Soldiers fighting a civil war usually avoid as much collateral damage as possible. They may want to use the infrastructure to rebuild and recover after the war is over. Follow Me on Pinterest

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