Three Oils for your Herbal Medicine Kit

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How To Make Your Own Tea Tree Oil For Your Survival Medicine Kit - This is a great article that shows you the process to create your own tea tree oil. Using this article you will be able to create a powerful medicine for the human body. Get to know the healing powers of essential oils.

While many people understand the necessity of a first aid kit, few take the time to consider one made of herbs! Natural healing is much more than you think.

From tinctures to dried herbs you can get a lot done with the plants that inhabit this earth. SImple plantain can be used to heal wounds more rapidly and it can be chewed and smoothed over a wound. The world around us has a tremendous capacity for healing. 

Somehow, in a matter of 100 years, we have lost thousands of years of knowledge of our own planet. 

Tea Tree Oil

I have heard some incredible stories about the power of tea tree oil. Could you imagine curing something like pink eye in your children in a weekend? I have spoken to parents who have used the essential tea tree oil to do just that.

The power of essential oils should not be denied. When you talk about pulling that powerful oil from the tea tree you are creating something that is highly beneficial for your body.

Its also called Melaleuca and is antiviral and antibacterial. 

Oregano Oil

Oregano is a hot oil. This means it’s so strong it can hurt your skin if it’s not diluted in a carrier oil. Your oregano oil is one of the most powerful antibiotics. It is something you want to put on wounds to the skin for rapid healing and the avoidance of infection. 

Mint Oil

Minto oil is great at relieving inflammation. It can help with headaches and can also work on your sinuses. Because of its ability to affect so many issues, I would never go without some form of mint or spearmint oil. Or a combination oil that contains it. 

Pack these powerful oils into your kit and be prepared to use them when the time comes. These are not OTC meds and you will not overdose on mint oil! That’s another wonderful part about using them. 


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