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Top 10 Homesteading and Preparedness Books

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Top 10 Homesteading and Preparedness Books

Top 10 Homesteading and Preparedness Books - tips Follow Me on Pinterest

There are so many resources in the digital world that its easy to forget about the importance of the old paper world. I feel like no group can better portray the importance of paper knowledge like preppers. There is also just something nice about a good book. It has to do with the mobility and availability of the paper book. Articles like these are arguably more of a look into someones soul than a typical blog post. These are 10 homesteading and preparedness books recommended by a fellow homesteader.

The collection is very well balanced. I looked over each selection and saw a few books that I have read myself. I can say with confidence that each book on the list will be a great addition to your library. They run the gamut from basic animal care to spec ops first aid. Have a look at the list and get yourself a new read.

Top 10 Homesteading and Preparedness Books

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