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Two-Story A-Frame Cabin

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Two-Story A-Frame Cabin

Two-Story A-Frame Cabin - tips Follow Me on Pinterest

This tiny house could change your life if more ways than you can imagine!

If you are like me and can’t afford a big fancy cabin for a retreat or even a bug out shelter, this 2 story, half A frame tiny house may just be your saving grace. Yes it’s small but if SHTF, do you really want something big and obvious? I know I would rather have the smaller space and the ability to hide it reasonably well, hell, even being able to move it if necessary.

Over at relaxshacks.blogspot.com they have a video and the plans available for you to build this half A frame tiny house/cabin for around $2000. If you utilize the internet, you maybe able to find the materials needed for this build either at a reduced price or maybe free from websites like craigslist or your local classifieds.

 Two-Story A-Frame Cabin

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