Urban Survival Shelters – DIY Cold Weather Shelter

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We usually choose to put ourselves in situations such as backpacking, ,mountaineering, camping, hiking, fishing and hunting. If an emergency occurs during any outdoor sport, we may have the need for that particular emergency and we should be able to build a wilderness shelter. Many of us dream of spending more time in the bush but the reality is, most of us cannot afford to stay in the wilderness. Most job opportunities are found within metropolitan areas. Some of us live out in a rural area, but travel to urban areas are still at risk. In other words, the vast majority of people spend a huge part of their life living in or near an urban environment. Practicalsurvivor.com We wrote this article to show how every day items found in a trash dumpster can be used to make an emergency shelter. This was tested and these are the results

* Outside temperature: 34.5 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
* Inside shelter temp: 65.6 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)

Urban Survival Shelters – DIY Cold Weather Shelter 

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