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How to Use a Wire Snare

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How to Use a Wire Snare

How to Use a Wire Snare - preparedness Follow Me on Pinterest

Many people think that hunting is a pretty easy endeavor. In fact, I have been in arguments about how unfair the hunters advantage is. For those of us who hunt we know it couldn’t be further from the truth. In a true survival situation you will want to focus your energy on small game as large game simply takes too much time and is not dependable enough. This article rests the rifle and teaches you how to employ a snare to catch game. This is a powerful skill that should be well understood by the survivalist.

This article focuses on the Dakota snare which basically catches animals around the neck and, to be blunt, they either break their neck or asphyxiate from the struggle to free themselves. The author also details how to season these traps in order to increase the longevity of each trap.

How to Use a Wire Snare

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