Using and Honing Shooting Skills in SHTF

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You may spend a lot of time at the range practicing with your weapons. That is great. It very important to practice.

Survival Defense: How To Build Targets For Shooting Drills - These are supper cheap materials for building and as a survivalist or a prepper you should definitely look into them. They are the main ingredient in building these targets.

 What happens when the gun range gets burnt down or you get stuck on your bugout property. You are still going to be sharp with your weapon and that’s where these targets come in. Be prepared to keep your skills sharp or they won’t be there when you need them.

Its time we have a talk about ammunition and guns in SHTF. There are some big things to consider when it comes to stacking up guns. There is no doubt about it, some people use prepping as an excuse to feed their healthy gun addiction. However, that can become impractical in situations like a bugout. 

How many AR15s and ammo can you carry? 

Your Not a Warfighter

No matter how good a shot you are you must be honest with yourself. You are not a warfighter if you have a family. You are going to put your family at risk if you engage targets with family in toe. Of course, if you have a secure location for family and a group outside of that you can be more of a fighter.

A bugout with a family of far is not the same as a battalion of soldiers. 

The Fantasy SHTF Landscape

I dont know how much ammo you think you are going to be shooting but if you are shooting hundreds of rounds at a time in an SHTF situation, you need to go somewhere else or you are going to die. Be realistic about how much you will use your gun in things like gunfights. It’s not a video game. 

All that said, training is essential and having some DIY targets for training with your firearms is going to be essential. Skills degrade and they do so in a hurry. Be sure you have the ability to make a little range of your own. 


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