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Viral video: Philadelphia Wawa store ransacked by unruly mob

Viral video: Philadelphia Wawa store ransacked by unruly mob

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A viral video shows a Wawa convenience store in Philadelphia ransacked by an unruly mob. After marauding the Wawa store, the riffraff marched into the parking lot, where some engaged in fisticuffs.

An out-of-control crowd of youths suddenly poured into the Wawa location on Roosevelt Boulevard at Tyson Avenue in Philadelphia’s northeast neighborhood of Mayfair. Video shows the throng of lawbreakers stealing items and annihilating the shelves in the store on Saturday night.

Right in the middle of the mayhem, a customer asks a Wawa worker, “Are y’all making the sandwiches, or y’all gonna keep recording?”

The Wawa employee mentions “walking out” of his job because of the chaos caused by the flash mob. A Wawa responds to the customer, “It’s gonna be a little while.”

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Is There an ‘Antifa Debit Card’?

The original video was reportedly posted to Facebook by an alleged Wawa employee who recorded the chaos while she was working the deli counter.

The original video, along with footage of the fights and the ruinous aftermath, were posted on Twitter by the Libs of TikTok account. In less than 12 hours, the viral video has been viewed nearly 800,000 times.

The Philadelphia Police Department have yet to comment on the Wawa being ransacked.

Earlier this month, Wawa locations across Philadelphia were forced to shut down early because young people were ransacking the convenience stores.

KYW-TV reporter Joe Holden wrote on Twitter, “They hit a number of Wawa locations — and police tell me most of their Center City locations have since shut down. I checked on two stores — they were closed. Police say an unknown number of juveniles were taken into custody.”

Last month, there was a “street takeover” of a 7-Eleven in Los Angeles that left the convenience store in total disarray.

Video posted in August shows a thief brazenly stealing products from a Walgreens store in San Francisco.

As of February, Walgreens shuttered 11 locations in San Francisco. The national pharmacy and retail store chain cited crime and theft as the primary reason for store closings.


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