Water Storage First

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The question on most beginning preppers’ minds is where to start. They don’t know whether or not to grab an AR15 for the coming collapse or just buy some rock salt for the snow storm that is coming in a few days. When you observe the real world and read the doom world it can be staggering.


The question on most beginning preppers' minds is where to start.

Nothing is so easy, right?

Well, if you really think about survival basics, water should be the first goal. There are very few things that can kill you as quick as not having water or drinking bad water.  This is just the reality of survival at its most base level.

You have a couple options to consider when dealing with this most crucial prep


You may want to depend on access to clean water that you have stored, caught or sources from a river or well. This is the method of stockpiling water.  Having a good amount of drinkable water on hand is a very good way to start your prepping journey

You need 1 gallon of water per person per day, at minimum.


That stored water will likely need to be filtered and treated. This process improves flavor and removes harmful bacteria that will make you sick or kill you. This is a vital step. A powerful water treatment method can be as simple has having a few jugs of unscented bleach around.

There are other methods like iodine or tablets for disinfection. You decide what works best for you.

One thing is for sure, without water you are going to either die or drink water that will make you sick. This could also mean that you die. If you are looking for a legitimate place to start your prepping journey think about sourcing, catching, filtering and sanitizing water resources. From here you can worry about food, guns and ammo.

The question on most beginning preppers' minds is where to start.

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