WaterBean Filter Could Save You Lots Of Cash

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I never really thought about this sort of product before, I am a prepper so I plan for the emergencies in life. From a financial point, I get this product and that’s why I am sharing it with you guys.

The lifestraw, and other awesome water filters out there are perfect for filtering out bacteria and microbes and all the nasties from rancid ponds and water sources you do not know, but the water bean is different. It’s designed for running water, let me explain.

We, the consumer spend 15 billion on bottled water and probably double on collecting and getting rid of all the waste plastic bottles, the WaterBean can be a solution to this problem, as it is designed to encourage users to keep and reuse one plastic bottle for a long time.

The system may not have the same purification power as other filters on the market, but it is effective against chlorine, odors and bad taste and also adds magnesium to the water. Read more about this pretty awesome idea to save cash below:

WaterBean Filter Could Save You Lots Of Cash

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