We Like You So Much

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We Like You So Much. Do these steps to see everyone you love again!

We Like You So Much

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Hello and welcome to the only website that rewards you for commenting, liking, tagging and sharing articles on your social media platforms. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter.. etc.

I didn’t post this on FB direct because no one will see it. I hope you understand! 

I am sure you know this already but Facebook has started to only show content from pages when people interact with posts, so a like, comment, tag or a share, if you see a post from a page on your wall and you ignore it, Facebook thinks you are not interested so if you do that a few times it figures that because you haven’t interacted with that page for a while it will stop showing you their content.

This is not fair, if you like a page (any page, not just mine) you should see all of it’s content.

I am asking you to do our Facebook page a favor. 

Facebook has released a new update. Now, you can actually prioritize the pages/posts you see in your Newsfeed! That doesn’t mean you will necessarily always see those posts first, but at least Facebook is listening!

This is so easy to do. Just visit those pages you really want to see in your Newsfeed. Click on the LIKE button and beneath that, click on See First. That will make sure that these newest posts stay at the top of your page.


First of all, this is only available right now on iOs devices (Android is coming soon).
Then, click on the MORE link on the page:


Next, select News Feed Preferences:


The next page is a NEW screen. From here, you will select Prioritize who to see first:


You will see all of the pages and people you follow. Just click on those you want to see on your feed. You will see a blue circle with a white star pop up next to them and the word See First below their name. Do this for those you want to see more of.. SHTF & Prepping Central is the obvious choice 🙂


If you do this I believe you will see more of what you want to see and not what a company tells you to see. Once you have done this please leave us a comment on FB or below on the embedded post! I will choose a few people who do these steps and send something special as a thank you.

Please read! Supporters of the page welcome, haters can go and do one! https://www.shtfpreparedness.com/we-like-you-so-much/

Posted by SHTF & Prepping Central on Sunday, September 27, 2015

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