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What Kind of Prepper Are You?

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What Kind of Prepper Are You?

What Kind of Prepper Are You? - prepare Follow Me on Pinterest

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Though no one likes to really be labeled, the fact is we all fall into some category or another. When a disaster strikes, there is generally a lot of noise, chaos, injuries, and panic. People are running everywhere or simply standing in shock, others are trying to help, and still others see a disaster as an opportunity to commit crimes.

So, which kind of prepper are you? Everyone is a prepper to some extent, even if they are a “denier.” Those who think that nothing will affect them still have smoke detectors in their house, but believe that nothing bad can happen. “Oh, and if it did – the government will come in and fix things, so why both being one of those crazy preppers?” At some point, every serious prepper hears someone say that.

Then there is the outdoorsy type person who believes they will be able to run into the woods and survive. Funny how many of those people actually live in large cities! No matter which kind of prepper you are, chances are good that you know people who fit into the other categories listed in the article that is linked below!

What Type of Prepper Are You?

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