What Veggies And Flowers You Can Plant in April

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What Veggies And Flowers You Can Plant in April

What to Plant in April

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This is not an April fool. 🙂 You can actually start planting some great vegetables in April; some of which I didn’t know you could start this early. Obviously, I wouldn’t risk direct planting in the soil quite yet, I am still a stickler for May 1st as the earliest I would do that.

Depending on where you live you could direct sow outdoors or start your seeds in the greenhouse / indoors pretty much right now. A lot of you already have, including me.

I have two links for you today. One shows what veggies you can start and the other has what flowers you can start too. I thought I would add the latter one in because I know a lot of you love planting flowers as well as veggies.

See the veggie list here and the flower and other veggie list here

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