Why is Cast Iron Cookwear So Good?

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Find Out What The Numbers & Letters Mean On Your Cast-Iron Cookware - The numbers and letters that are stamped into these cast-iron skillets, kettles, pots and pans and even wood burning stoves for a reason. You can dig deep into their history and find out when they were made and what their purpose was.

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That old heavy pan that you take camping is a gem. Of course, I am assuming things about you now. It could be that you use cast iron cookware all the time.

Have you ever been stuck with a cheap Teflon pan? The type that has been used so much that you know the Teflon is flaking off. It can be a real problem when you are dealing with this. 

Why do preppers, survivalists, and outdoorsmen love the cast iron so much? There are a number of reasons for this. Do you know what those numbers and letters on your cookware mean


You can dig up cast iron pans and bring them back to life! If you have a collection of cast iron cookware, it will be around long after you are gone. That might make you feel strange but that is a true statement.

Of course, how you treat your cast iron will assure its quality over time. Still, this stuff is hard to kill and that is one of the biggest reasons it’s so popular. 


Cast iron cookware also cleans up in a very different way than most others. In fact, a little salt and oil can clean and season your pan for the next use. Depending on what you cooked inside you might not even need to waste water! 

Even Heating

Because the cast iron is so thick it holds heat very well and offers a good even cooktop surface. This is great for searing as well as cooking meats evenly. This is a benefit that most overlook but flimsy pans do not hold heat well and the also buckle after many uses. 

Sure, cast iron is heavy but its a timeless material for cooking great meals over the campfire or at home on the range. 


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