Winter Wild Edible Mushrooms

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Winter Wild Edible Mushrooms

Winter Wild Edible Mushrooms

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Knowing how to forage wild mushrooms is hard skill to learn. If you are not 100% certain it is edible, I wouldn’t risk eating it. Just because you see animals eating them doesn’t mean it will be safe for human consumption.

That being said, mushrooms offer us a lot of nutrition that we may need in a survival situation. Edible mushrooms can give us 273 mg 7% of our daily intake of Potassium, 2.1 g 8% of our daily intake of dietary fiber and the lost goes on and on.

Below is a chart of what wild mushrooms are available through out the year but mostly focused on winter wild edible mushrooms.

Winter Mushroom

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Over at they have a great list of wild edible mushrooms you may want to get familiar with. They have descriptions, where they grow and what seasons they have great photos of the mushrooms too.

They also have a link for beginners too. All in all I think that learning this skill could not only make you more self reliant but if you find your self in need of sustenance in a survival situation mushrooms could be your answer, again…. if you are not 100% sure.. DO NOT EAT THEM!

Winter Wild Edible Mushrooms

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