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Build A Powerful Solar Generator From Old Solar Lights

Build A Powerful Solar Generator From Old Solar Lights

Build A Powerful Solar Generator From Old Solar Lights

Don’t throw away another old garden solar panel ever again! Use them and make powerful solar panels to charge your batteries and even get you off the grid.

Have you got old solar lights from the garden laying around? I know I have about 10 right now that look outdated and weathered. Well, did you know with a little thinking and a little solder here and there, you can create a powerful solar panel for pretty much free.

You can make this as big or as small as you like, the one in the photo above is a medium sized panel and is giving off 22.1 watts. Thats not bad from free garden lights, this could charge a 12v battery in no time.

I would ask family and friends to see if they had any going and get the wood from craigslist or somewhere. I can see this being a fantastic weekend project for you. I know for sure I want to do this. Check it out below:

Build A Powerful Solar generator From Old Solar Lights

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