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Survival Gear Essentials: Gear Up for Unpredictable Times

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Free survival gear? You had me at free!

I’m a little more skeptical than that. The reality is, in this world of internet saturation, bloggers and advertisers look at every edge to get your clicks.

free survival gear

For example, this is often done with awesome content. These sites build a following with reliable and informative posts. Other times, it comes with an encyclopedic series of links to other pages.

Most importantly, and to the benefit of you and me, a third group gets hits by offering free survival gear.

How They Do It

For example, they negotiate deals with various manufacturers to get large quantities of useful items at a low cost or for free. As a result, their search for clicks becomes our advantage.

They pass these survival tools off to you for either the cost of shipping or completely free. In other words, if you dedicate some time to some internet sleuthing, you can get some great deals.

Being properly prepared takes knowledge and tools. In most cases, knowledge surpasses tools. That being said, I’d still take a lighter if I had to make a fire in the rain.

Therefore, take a good look at the links we’ve pulled together for you for some of the best free survival gear. There’s a lot of effort here designed to help you accumulate some of the best tools to keep you safe and sound.

What’s the Catch? Is This Gear Really Free?

In some cases, yes. In all cases, there will be a bit of information exchange, at the very least.

Most of the links below will send you your free survival gear, as long as you cover shipping and handling.

Most websites will send out the tools as long as you cover shipping. Is the shipping cost a little inflated? Probably, but looking at the cost overall, you come out way ahead of the game.

Note: Carefully read all the fine print on the sales and/or checkout page. Some of these deals come with a monthly subscription service that they may automatically sign you up for. Some I’m a fan of; others I am not too excited about, but that’s a personal preference.

In any case, make sure you are aware of what you are signing up for. If you want the item, but not the subscription, read their “Terms of Service” page on how to opt-out or cancel after you get your free survival gear.

A Trade of Information

The vast majority of the sites will also collect your email address (OK, all of them). This allows them to keep in contact with you or send announcements of new deals and additional free survival gear.

My advice is to dedicate a separate email address to these requests.

Free Survival Gear

Free survival gear sites are a fantastic way to collect starter tools for any new prepper or a prepper with a small budget.

It’s also a great way to add redundancy to your EDC or your BOB. Never underestimate the value of a spare firestarter or flashlight.

So let’s get to the list. I have separated all of the free survival gear into categories. 


You can never be too safe. While you can go without food or water for days. Just a few seconds without a knife can be the difference between life and death.

free survival gear: tactical black karambit knife

Evatac™ Combat Dagger

A high-quality double-edged knife with a matte black finish that looks really great. The dagger measures 9″ in total length with a 4.7″ blade and 4.3″ handle.

It has a really comfortable rubberized handle. It comes with a  600D polyester sheath with a belt loop and clip lock.

Evatac™ Rescue Knife

A spring-assisted folding knife with a drop point blade. The extra-sharp blade combined with a belt cutter and glass breaker make this knife a great option for those that prefer folding blades.

USMC Neck Knife

This discreet defense tool makes a perfect every day carry! It’s lightweight, and at 4″ in length, it can be used as a discreet EDC neck chain knife.

Money Clip Knife

This stylish and discreet defense tool makes a perfect every-day carry. It’s lightweight, unassuming can be used every day as a money clip, yet can also be used as a defense tool when needed.

Tactical Black Karambit Knife

Lightweight yet extremely strong and durable due to the 7.4-inch length, full-tang design. A great knife for survival, EDC, hunting, camping, fishing, and general use. Comes with a protective sheath.

Carabiner Superknife

This survival and defense tool is a great addition to your survival kit. The durable, lightweight, stainless steel blade can be folded into the carabiner to transform into a low-profile multi-tool EDC.

Raptor Claw Karambit Knife

An excellent knife for close combat and self-defense. The curvature of the blade makes this a great tool for clearing brush, slashing roots, and cutting through rope and fishing line.

All useful for surviving in the wild. The finger ring is a weapon by itself, great for punching and hammering.

Swiss Army Knife

11-in-1 multi-tool that includes: large and small blades, corkscrew, cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper, reamer, key ring inox, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, and multi-purpose hook/parcel carrier.

Great compact EDC, weighing 3 ounces and measuring 3.6 inches.

5n1 EDC Survival Knife

A 5-in-1 survival tool that includes a 3.25-inch clip point blade, an LED micro flashlight, a ferro rod, a glass breaker, and a belt slicer.

*NEW Striker Speed Blade

A brand new, shockingly-fast pocket knife, quicker than any switchblade. Unlike a switchblade, they’ve cleverly designed this knife to be perfectly legal here in the U.S.

*NEW Tactical Folding Knife

This blade is 3 ½ inches of razor-sharp, corrosion-resistant M390 steel that is wear and tear-resistant. The overall open length is nearly 8 inches long.

Fire Starters

One of the most important tasks of survival is keeping your body temperature at 98.6.

Fires keep us warm, purify our water, and are a friend in the dark. Have a fire starter as a part of your EDC, BOB, and in each pocket!

free survival gear: everstryke waterproof match

Everstryke Match

In a survival situation, fire is life. This tool will make sure that you can start a fire whenever, wherever you need it, even when it’s wet.

Evalast Fire Clip

Start a fire, no matter where you are. This fire starter has a match stick that can be unscrewed and struck against the embedded flint in the tool to light. It also comes with a bottle opener and key holder.

Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter

The ability to make fire is essential in any emergency. This waterproof lighter will make sure you will ALWAYS have the ability to make fire anywhere, even in a flood.

FireKable Paracord Bracelet

This clever tool is an invaluable, possibly, life-saving utensil that fits discreetly on your wrist. With a collection of survival gear woven into a bracelet, this doesn’t even need to go into a bag.

Optic Fire Starter

This compact credit card-sized fire starter fits easily into your wallet, never runs out of fuel, and can start a fire in 60 seconds flat.

When matches and lighters fail you, the Optic Fire Starter becomes invaluable, helping you start a fire when you need it most. It fits in your wallet and weighs next to nothing!

Plasma Arc Lighter

If you are looking for something more reliable than waterproof matches or a Bic lighter, then you may want to consider an ‘arc’ lighter.

This lighter can produce a 2000-degree plasma stream, which you can easily light on a windy day. It also has a built-in flashlight. Just don’t forget to charge it.

Books, Guides, & DVDs

The more you carry in your brain, the less you need to carry on your back. We can’t all take face-to-face classes every weekend. Books, guides, and DVDs are your gateway to survival knowledge.

book on how to stay alive after a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic


*NEW Avoiding the Eye

Immediately stop the pursuit to collect your data and control your world. Learn how to stop the illegal collection of our data and personal information.

*NEW Dollar Doomsday eBook

If you agree with the author that the unprecedented surge of money being printed will obliterate the value of the US Dollar, then you may want to read this ebook.

1911 Close-Quarter Battle (CQB) Techniques

The best close-quarter battle (CQB) Techniques to help preserve your life when attackers are in your face and ready to take the breath from your lungs.

Alive After Crisis

This guide will teach you how to prepare for disaster—any disaster—before it happens, and how to survive it when it does.

Deadly Stiletto Knife Tactics

How to use the stiletto knife—just like intelligence operatives and spec ops—so you can be the protector and guardian of your family in the violent and unpredictable world we live in.

Firearms Survival Guide

Sure, you’ll have a gun with you, so you must also learn how to prepare a firearms survival plan for your family while also learning how to hide your guns and ammo from ANYONE who tries to steal them from you.

How to Build a Covert, Off the Grid Safe House

This book will give you a blueprint and peace of mind of how to shelter your loved ones from disaster, should the unthinkable strike within our borders.

Survive Any Crisis With Only a Knife

With this information, you could be blindfolded and dropped off in the harshest wilderness with only your knife. and you’ll have the skills to not just survive, but thrive for as long as you want.

The First 72 Hours

The First 72 Hours covers what to do when the neighbor has a bomb and is willing to use it against you to get your food stores… how to guarantee you escape a madman prowling a theater with an AR-15, and more.

Bug Out Bags & Packs

Your bug out bag is there when you need to get off the ‘X’ and to safe ground. These free survival gear tools will get you home in the best and worst times.

free survival gear: evatac bug out bag

Evatac™ Hybrid Duffel Bag

This bag was designed to be rugged, versatile, lightweight, and have a high level of mobility. Constructed from 600D Oxford Cloth every panel has “back-stitching” and is lined with high quality yet light-weight waterproofing to keep your goods dry.

Hydration Backpack

Stores your gear and allows you to drink hands-free while you hike, shoot, hunt, fish, drive, or ride your bike or motorcycle.

Military-Black Tactical Gun Bag

A great tactical bag to carry around all your firearms, ammo, and other gear.

Portable Pistol Bag

Made from 100% 600d nylon. Water, wear, and scratch-resistant inner lining that protects your gear from drops, water, and other potential damage.

Emergency Backpack (out of stock)

A lightweight, compact, rainproof backpack that would be good as a get home bag for your car, or even for your regular travel needs.

Extend Your EDC

Being prepared means being prepared at all times.  Moreover, your EDC is there for life’s rough patches, both big and small.

survival card edc multi-tool

Hack Shield RFID Protector

This RFID tool fits in any wallet (just like a credit card) and works by forming an electronic barrier around your cards, making them — and your personal data — invisible to identity thieves.

Scream Whistle

Creates an intense 100-decibel shriek that can easily be heard from a mile away. This whistle could help save your life.

Survival Business Card

11 invaluable tools in 1 low-profile multi-tool: can opener, knife edge, flathead screwdriver, ruler, bottle cap opener, 4 position wrench, wingnut wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indicator, 2 position wrench, and keychain/lanyard hole.

46 in 1 American Flag Patriot Multi-Tool

This is one of the coolest looking EDC tools I have seen. Includes a hex wrench, wire splicer, fish hook maker, bark shredder, screwdriver, vehicle rescue, map reading, ruler, letter opener, etc.

Face Masks & Covers

Pandemics aside, masks offer protection during medical procedures and dusty events (think of the survivors of the 9/11 attacks). We mostly have them for events that we haven’t thought of.

face shield with american woods design

NuFlo PM2.5 Breathing Mask

This mask is made 100% from soft cotton material, is highly breathable, and comes with adjustable ear loops. The replaceable filter blocks out tiny particles that have a diameter as small as 2.5 micrometers.

American Woods Face Shield

Awesome camouflage American flag design. Made from a durable, lightweight, and breathable material.

Perfect for hunting, bike riding, fishing, and even for protecting yourself from breathing harmful dust when mowing the lawn and other similar jobs.

Midnight Camo Face Shield

Dark camouflage design. Made from a durable, lightweight, and breathable material.

Perfect for hunting, bike riding, fishing, and even for protecting yourself from breathing harmful dust when mowing the lawn and other similar jobs.

Tactical Black Face Shield

Dark black tactical design. Made from a durable, lightweight, and breathable material.

Perfect for hunting, bike riding, fishing, and even for protecting yourself from breathing harmful dust when mowing the lawn and other similar jobs.

American Flag Face Cover

A regular protective face mask with the Stars and Stripes on it.

Pro Gun Face Mask

A regular protective face mask with a pro-gun message on it for gun lovers.

Personal Face Shield

Free personal face shield to protect yourself from droplets, saliva, sneeze particles, debris, and other unseen dangers floating in the air.

First Aid & Medical

We all learn to make holes. Guns and self-defense are sexy, active, and fun. What is often neglected is the ability to patch holes. This takes knowledge and medical gear.

small emergency first aid kit

Emergency First Aid Kit

Compact 11-piece first aid kit that includes gauze, wound dressing, iodine pads, bandaids, q-tips, alcohol pads, tape, and scissors, and other first aid tools.

Flashlights & Lanterns

You never know when you need to bring a little light into the situation. Whether it’s for convenience or safety, there is nothing like lighting up the night!

military torch flashlight

Military Torch Flashlight

Powerful, yet compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse, glove compartment, or backpack, so you can keep it with you at all times.

Hands-Free Tactical Hat Light

I love hat lights. They free up your hands, allowing you to work at night with both hands and plenty of light. A must-have.

HyBeam Flashlight

Super bright flashlight with an aircraft-grade aluminum body that is waterproof and shock-resistant. Has a beveled edge that can double as a defense tool.

Tent Light

Bright enough for camping and other outdoor use, but with a matte bulb that provides soft and comfortable light.

The hanging hook is designed to hang in your tent, outside branches, or on your backpack when hiking. Light and compact at only 75g with batteries.

HyBeam Micro

30,000-hour bulb, 170-foot visible distance, waterproof up to 50 feet, and easily fits in your pocket at just 3.5″.

Seal Torch Flashlight

500-lumen waterproof flashlight with strobe. Also included is a mini flashlight with a pocket clip and a 3 pronged beveled edge.

Light Saver

Super bright LED bulb at 1,000 lumens will last for 100,000 hours. The 8-LED side panel doubles as a room-brightening lantern. It 2.75″ in length and weighs 2.9oz.

Night Vision Cap Light

150 lumen LED bulb that uses hands-free night vision technology to cut through the darkness.

Gun Accessories

A gun without bullets is an expensive club. Without training, a gun is an accident waiting to happen. Without accessories, a gun can be more of a nuisance than you deserve.

concealed ankle holster

Crotch Carry

Comfortable concealed carry option if side holsters both you.

Concealed Ankle Gun Holster

Discreet firearm concealer. Made from breathable, high-strength nylon, this ankle holster is comfortable and compatible with sub-compact, mid-size and full-size pistols.

Military-Black Tactical Gun Bag

A great tactical bag to carry around all your firearms, ammo, and other gear.

Gun Cleaning Mat

Protects your firearms from scratches and damage while protecting your work surface oil, water, and solvents.

Evatac™ Magnetic Gun Mount

Great for concealing or storing your firearms. Mount guns under a desk, in a car, behind a door, in a gun safe, or pretty much anywhere.

Ankle Holster

One-hand release ankle holster that fits most handgun sizes. This holster can be used by either right- or left-handed people.


Can safely hold and conceal up to 35 lbs. of firearms. Both parallel and perpendicular mounting.

Compatible with nearly all gun types: handguns, CCWs, rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and magazines.

Shoulder Holster

It will fit almost any handgun, allows both right- and left-handed quick draw, and is very discreet. Includes an extra pouch for spare mags, or other small gear.

Portable Pistol Bag

Made from 100% 600d nylon. Water, wear, and scratch-resistant inner lining that protects your gear from drops, water, and other potential damage.

2nd Amendment Plaque

A really cool wall display for fans of the 2nd Amendment with text: ‘A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’

Mini Red Dot Laser Sight

Add a compact laser sight to your firearm.

Gun Sling

A sling will distribute the weight of a weapon across your shoulder or back, making it easier to carry and transition quickly to your sidearm.

2nd Amendment Gun Rights Wall Flag

It is a really cool flag for fans of the 2nd Amendment and those who want to boldly proclaim their right to bear arms.

Long Term Food Storage

We all need to eat. That can entail a daily trip to the grocery store or you can set up your own grocery store. Long-term food storage is the key to food security.

freeze dried food

American Natural Superfood

This is the ‘Holy Grail’ for most preppers: an easy, affordable, storable, portable, delicious food supply that doesn’t require cooking, shopping, juicing, or messes.


Sometimes you just need a “junk drawer” for your stuff. Here are a few items that don’t fit into the other categories.

american patriot watch

*NEW Waterproof Matches

These emergency fire starter sets make excellent survival tool. They are tornado-proof, hurricane-proof, waterproof, etc. They even stay lit when you try to bury them or drop them in a puddle.

Hand Sanitizer

It contains 75% alcohol and kills 99% of germs with a fast-drying gel and no sticky residue.

Cloak Cam

Small and discreet spy camera with 1080P video and a 140° wide-angle lens. Has 6 infrared lights for night vision and motion sensor activation. Great as a security camera.

Tactical Sports Camera

Full 1080p video with audio recording. It includes a waterproof case, a 2″ LCD screen, and an 8GB memory card.

Tactical Dash Camera

Easily install a camera for front (or back) 1080p HD recording with night vision.

Includes suction cup car mount for easy installation to your windshield. The gravity sensor detects any sudden impact and automatically locks the video to prevent overwriting.

Veteran Coin

A great looking commemorative coin to celebrate the veterans in your life.

Win This Military-Grade Humvee for FREE!

You can win former CIA Officer Jason Hanson’s personal off-road Humvee.

iPhone Charger

It’s an iPhone Lightning charger with an elbow or right-angle design.

American Flag

You can’t go wrong with the Stars and Stripes.

God Bless America Coin

On the front: ‘God Bless America’. On the back: ‘God bless those who serve, who give of themselves without reserve.’

Star-Spangled Banner Coin

On the front: ‘The Star-Spangled Banner In God We Trust’. On the back: ‘Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars, Through the Perilous Fight, O’er the Ramparts We Watched, Were So Gallantly Streaming?’

God Bless America Hat

A cool hat with the Stars and Stripes and the message ‘God Bless America’ on it.

Home of the Free Because of the Brave Hat

Show support for our troops with this great hat!

American Patriot Watch

This is a great looking timepiece of American Patriotism!


Never, never be without a multi-tool. Daily, I find a use for mine. Squeaky chair. Bent jewelry.

Improvising a lockpick for a little E&E practice. A multi-tool is like a flashlight. You’ll never know how much you’ll use it until you carry one daily.

46 in 1 American Flag Patriot Multi-Tool

46 in 1 American Flag Patriot Multi-Tool

This is one of the coolest looking EDC tools I have seen. Includes a hex wrench, wire splicer, fish hook maker, bark shredder, screwdriver, vehicle rescue, map reading, ruler, letter opener, etc.

All in 1 Multi Tool

Limited information is provided on this tool, other than it has 6 tools in 1.

Other Weapons

We all know about the rule of threes. One of the unspoken rules is safety and security.

When your life is threatened, you need a defensive device in three milliseconds. There is no threat of waiting while you retrieve your weapon.

free strikepen parts and pieces


I have the Strikepen, and I love it. It looks like a normal pen but is constructed from lightweight, military-grade aluminum with a tungsten steel defense tip.

Inside the pen, you have the option of a concealed knife or a multi-tool. It also has a bright LED flashlight.

Punisher Skull Knuckle

A hardcore offensive and defensive fighting weapon designed to improve punching power to create ultra destructive blows when needed. The design forces more pressure to a smaller point, ultimately increasing damage.

TRS Spike – Invisible Weapon

This is a very durable stabbing weapon. It is just over 7-inches of fiberglass reinforced nylon, that won’t set off any metal detectors.

Tactical Pen

This discreet, tactical self-defense tool is so resourceful. Many law enforcement agents carry a pen just like this.

*NEW Stun Gun

This high-powered stun gun will disable any size opponent without causing permanent damage, giving you the means to effectively stop any attacker.


You can die from exposure in less than 3 hours. Even the most modest shelter, like a blanket or poncho, can make the difference between survival and becoming a major headline.

emergency survival poncho

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Statistically, the #1 thing that will kill you when SHTF is exposure to the elements. This sleeping bag will trap 90% of your body heat while keeping the freezing wind and water out. And it’s smaller than a soda can.

Emergency Poncho

Emergency survival poncho that retains up to 90% body heat, helps to prevent hypothermia and shock, and keeps you warm and dry when in extreme emergencies.

This survival poncho can also be used as a backpack cover, rain poncho, emergency signal, shade cover, dust shield, sleeping bag liner, wind blocker, water collector, and many other creative applications.

Gold Survival Blanket

Designed to reflect & retain over 80% of radiated body heat, it helps prevent shock.

This survival blanket is a waterproof, windproof, and moisture-resistant ground cover that provides shelter from the elements. It can also be used as a reflective emergency signal.

Emergency Survival Blanket

Made from a lightweight reflective material, they help you retain as much as 90% of your body heat, keeping you warm in a variety of extreme conditions.

Survival Kits

Any survival item on your person is one step closer to mastering a dangerous situation. Survival kits don’t have to be BOB sized to get you through troubled times.

survival grenade

Survival Grenade

With this 15 in 1 Survival Grenade, I can take everything with me that I may need to use in a survival situation. Keep a few of these handy, just in case.

Paracord Survival Kit

A compact grenade-shaped survival kit that includes 13 essential survival items wrapped up in 9 feet of 550-pound paracord.

How to Use Your Survival Gear

Gathering some free survival gear is a great first step into emergency preparedness. However, this is just the beginning, as these tools of the trade are just small components of a complete SHTF plan.

Are you ready to bug out at a moment’s notice? If you lost your electricity or water supply today, what would you do? Do you know how to use, maintain, and maximize the gear you’ve gathered?

If you’ve got more survival questions, we’ve got answers. Dig deeper into the extensive resources at SHTF Preparedness to create your full survival plan. Some great next-step articles include:

How to Start Prepping For Beginners Guide

Essential Bug Out Bag Checklist

How to Build a Campfire

Build Your Own Urban EDC Pack

Using Your EDC Knife for Self Defense

Free survival gear for beginners and advanced SHTF preppers: includes fire starters, bug out bag gear, EDC, self-defense, flashlights, and survival kits.