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The Survival Guide To Long Term Food Storage

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These are troubling times indeed with economic, climatic, and social upheavals and wild gyrations of every type in every corner of our planet. One of the most important factors is to ensure that there is an adequate food supply to outlast any emergency.

Many foods simply cannot last without refrigeration, and one of the key aspects of being prepared is to acknowledge that the power supply may be sporadic if it exists at all.

So, I guess you better spend all your money on those fancy freeze-dried foods, right? How on earth do they make those foods last so long? 

Well, we have the answer for you and it takes three simple items to turn dried foods like rice and beans into emergency food with a 25-year shelf life.

5 Gallon Buckets

No point in going small. If you are preparing long term food storage, go big. You can buy them or, better yet, seek out used or free ones. Just be sure they don’t have chemical residue in them. That will obviously affect your food.

Mylar Bags

Now, you could store food directly in your 5-gallon buckets and many people do. However, we are pros here, right?

So what you want are 1 gallon or 5-gallon mylar bags. These will offer you another layer of protection and will also make it easier on the oxygen absorbers. 

Get mylar bags that are thick mil. Cheap thin ones might look appealing to the wallet but when your food storage tears them, it won’t be good. 

Oxygen Absorbers

The final piece of the puzzle is to suck all the life-giving oxygen away from your food. Molds, insects, and bacteria all require oxygen to survive. The oxygen absorbers will starve them and your food will last longer. 

Just be sure you get the right size absorbers for the amount of food you are going to store.

If you have these three things you have all the hardware to make your own long term food storage