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Best Gun Safes: Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

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As responsible gun owners, ensuring the safety and security of our firearms is of utmost importance.

If you are a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time buyer, investing in a high-quality gun safe is essential to protect your weapons from unauthorized access, theft, and accidents.

Whether you need a gun safe for home defense, recreational shooting, or simply peace of mind, we have you covered. Let’s ensure the safety of your weapons, loved ones, and the community as a whole.

5 Best Gun Safes Reviewed

Let’s dive into the specifics and review each safe individually.

Winner: SentrySafe QAP1BLX Biometric Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP1BLX Biometric Gun Safe
395 Reviews
SentrySafe QAP1BLX Biometric Gun Safe
  • Biometric gun safe features a new fingerprint scanner for...
  • Gun safe is equipped with an improved gas strut for...
  • Gun safe is constructed with solid steel and a pry resistant...

Biometric gun safes—there’s nothing like them. You’re able to store your gun safely, and you can throw away the key if you wish.

This simple-looking safe is actually equipped with a fingerprint reader to ensure nobody can get in but you, and it’s perfectly measured to fit most standard pistols carried by civilians.

The price reflects the significant electrical work involved, but the metal also showcases impressive craftsmanship.

With a pry-resistant bolt system, once you secure this 12-pound safe to something, nobody is getting in.

This safe is even certified by the California DOJ by meeting all the necessary standards that make it safe, by California standards, for home use in and around children.


  • Batteries last up to ten years.
  • A fingerprint scanner provides rapid yet robust security measures.
  • The solid steel door and handle are pry-resistant.


  • Only for guns

2. Best Wall-Mounted: Barska Biometric Gun Safe

Barska Biometric Wall Gun Safe
195 Reviews
Barska Biometric Wall Gun Safe
  • 【Quick Access BioSecure Wall Safe】This wall safe...
  • 【Secondary Access】In the event that the batteries are...
  • 【Adjustable Shelves】This Biometric Wall safe comes with...

Perhaps you have more guns than you can fit in a little box. Join the club.

This safe is also biometric, but it comes with enough space to hold four large rifles without jamming them in and making them difficult to retrieve at a later date.

With specific inlays to hold the barrels in place, it’s like your own personal, fortified miniature barracks in your own home.

The pry-resistant deadbolt system uses three large bolts to keep everything secure, so even if someone wanted to get in, they’re not going to even get close.

Use the pre-drilled holes for wall anchoring to secure it against a concrete wall, preventing any potential removal attempts.

The biometric entry makes it impossible to crack. Using a 120-fingerprint module, invaders can’t simply hack into it.

All of this additional security was so impressive that even the uptight California DOJ has approved it for home use in and around your family. This is what fortification looks like.


  • Approved by the Department of Justice
  • Pry-resistant deadbolt system
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy wall anchoring


  • A bit too heavy.

3. Best for Handguns: VAULTEK VT Gun Safe

140 Reviews
  • ADVANCED ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION includes anti-pry bars, Dual...
  • HIGH CAPACITY safe for multiple handguns. TOUGH AND RUGGED...
  • 4-POINT ENTRY with the unique SMART KEY with immediate...

This looks like something out of a Terminator movie, and it will intimidate those who try to break into it just like that.

Vaultek designed this anti-impact latch system with interior-mounted hinges to really foil every attempt to pry it open.

The device is robustly constructed, and its price isn’t solely determined by the remarkable features I’m about to elucidate. There’s a backlit LED keypad for entry and five digits to put in a randomized combination.

It would take someone more than twelve hours sitting here, trying combinations over and over again, to even get close.

That’s not all, though; you can use your smartphone to toggle hotkeys on and off, which allow for keyless entry from specific phones.

This runs on a lot of power, but thankfully, there’s a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for four months and takes about two and a-half hours to charge via a micro USB port.

It’s not the same as having 8–10-year AAA batteries inside, but it’s the price we pay for having this high level of security. Mount this somewhere, and thwart all who try to gain unauthorized entry.


  • Interior-mounted hinges feature anti-impact latches to prevent theft.
  • Backlit LED keypad for low-light access
  • High-gauge carbon steel construction


  • It uses a lot of power.

4. Best Floor Mount: Sentinel GCWB-10-5-DS Gun Safe

Sentinel GCWB-10-5-DS Gun Safe
751 Reviews
Sentinel GCWB-10-5-DS Gun Safe
  • Holds 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52" tall
  • Steel top shelf provides additional storage or is removable
  • Stack On 10 gun security cabinet features a foam padded...

Looking for something more traditional and a little less electronic?

Sentinel’s Stack On is the ideal budget-friendly option for excellent gun protection.

This case holds up to ten rifles with fitted spots inside and a little bit of wiggle room to put some ammunition in as well.

The padded bottom protects your stocks from scratches and ensures their alignment to prevent collisions. With a triple deadbolt locking system in place, it’s pry-resistant, but only comes with a simple key for entry.

There are no biometrics at work here. This would be great to put in the back of your closet, or you could use the wall mounting to secure it to concrete in the back of the garage.

Wherever you can find a place to put this, it’s going to work excellently; nobody’s getting in here except you.


  • Triple locking system for fortified security
  • It can hold up to ten rifles with room to spare.
  • Padded foam bottom and barrel rests


  • No biometrics

5. Best Auto Open: VAULTEK Gun Safe

183 Reviews
  • NEXT GENERATION SMART SAFE Modern upgrades with a top...
  • BUILT-IN BIOMETRIC SCANNER Quick, secure access using the...
  • BLUETOOTH 2.0 Manage and monitor safe activity from your...

Vaultek’s at it again with their scary-looking safes. This one comes with a biometric entry system, but also has a quick access option.

In the event of a home invasion, this is designed to perfectly protect your family against all assailants, because the draw pops out and puts the gun in your hand straight away.

Use the manual key spot for a backup, or the backlit keypad to type in your code quickly and get this open.

You can adjust the interior modules, but the best setup (in our opinion) is to have the try in the center, and pull on the lip of it quickly to get the gun in your hand.

Vaultek doesn’t make things cheap, but they also give you what you pay for. There’s a small light on the inside for visibility, which comes in handy if you’re also storing documents or different ammunition types in this safe.

This safe comes with dual anti-impact latches, an anti-pry design, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to keep things running smoothly. It’s one of Vaultek’s most ambition safes on the market, and it truly works wonders.

If this size is too big for you, there are four other types in this lineup with smaller price tags, but with smaller capacities as well.


  • Pull-out tray specifically for handgun placement
  • Manual key + backlit keypad access
  • Small interior light for perfect visibility


  • Pricey

How To Evaluate A Gun Safe

large gun safe

A gun safe serves as a secure container for your firearms and ammunition.


When it comes to purchasing the best gun safe, one of the most important things to look for and consider is the features that it comes with.

You want to find a gun safe that has a lot of good features that you would consider using if you were to buy it.

Along with this, you want to be sure that you are investing in a safe that has the features needed for your particular climate.

For instance, if you are in a dry area that is prone to fires, you might want to be sure that you are investing in one that is fireproof.

In contrast, if you live in a flood-prone area, you should probably buy a product with sufficient water protection.


The main purpose of a gun safe is to secure your firearms and ammo.

As such, you want to make sure the safe you choose is sized and padded properly to keep your guns protected.

This differs from a general safe, which is set up to keep a variety of valuables secure but is not designed with guns in mind.

A safe designed for guns will have the right dimensions and materials to keep weapons safe.


Another important factor to consider when choosing the best safe to invest in is the safe’s pricing.

You want to find a safe that will provide you with a good overall price point.

In this manner, you can buy a product that falls within your budget and is within your financial reach. Also, you want to get the best value for your money.


Another important factor to consider when buying the best gun safe is the warranty that the brand provides.

Ideally, you should buy from a reputable brand that offers a strong warranty for their products.

By doing this, you will be able to find a product that will provide you with long-term use.


Not only do you want to make sure that you are buying a safe that is large enough to fit all of your guns and ammunition, but you also want to find one that will fit where you intend to put it within your home.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when you are in the process of buying a gun safe.

If you’re wondering what a gun safe is, it’s primarily something to keep your firearms safe. Be sure to consider everything mentioned above to find the right one.


handgun in a gun safe

What is a gun safe made of?

The purpose of gun safes is to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms, safeguard against burglaries, and prevent damage in the event of a fire or flooding. Most three-bolt safes also use high-gauge steel for the deadbolts.

Is a gun safe tax deductible?

No. Gun safes are not tax-deductible. Home safes are useful if you can prove that you’re using them specifically for business or to protect assets that are pertinent to your business. However, guns do not fall into that category.

What is a biometric gun safe?

Biometric safes include fingerprint scanners for fast entry. Only your fingerprint or a backup method, if applicable, can unlock them. This gives you quick access to a firearm, so you can keep your head in the moment and protect your family.

Where should you put a gun safe in your house?

You need somewhere that’s easily accessible to you but not out in the open. The back of a closet in your bedroom or the false bottom of a dresser drawer are both excellent spots to place one. Avoid hard-to-reach locations for smaller safes, such as shelves or on top of dressers.