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How to use Sandbags To Stop Water or Bullets

How to use Sandbags To Stop Water or Bullets

How to use Sandbags To Stop Water or Bullets

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Sandbags have been used for a long time to keep us safe in dangerous situations. Safe from rising flood-waters and from incoming rounds in combat. I started thinking about sandbags in terms of home security and the dual purpose they fill struck me. In some places, the threats of floods from winter’s ice thawing is a real and present threat to everything someone may own. Knowing how to build a proper sandbag wall would be important if you are faced with rising water.

Additionally, sandbags could be used in a complete and total collapse of society to augment our poor security defenses in most homes. Don’t have an underground retreat stocked with food and water? Perhaps you can build defensive positions on your property with a lot of hard work and several hundred sandbags. They can stop small arms rounds pretty effectively and are a simple plan (not easy) as a last resort.

How to use Sandbags To Stop Water or Bullets

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