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Set a Simple Alarm Perimeter at your BOL

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Once you have settled in to the bugout location, you might realize that you don’t feel as safe as you thought you would. Having decided to bugout means that you were faced with some radical chaos that you could not safely exist near to. 

That affects you. You might feel even better if you have an alarm near or around your bugout location.


 Alarms can come in a huge variety of styles, many with a hefty price tag.Sometimes, simplicity and portability is what you need.

Whether for use when camping, keeping an opportunist from sneaking up on you when in the wilderness, or just scaring away a few pests, consider the decidedly low-tech tripwire bang alarm.

This is a cheap solution. Needing only some base materials

Trap Ingredients

  • Mouse Trap
  • Fishing Line
  • Tent Pegs 

 These little beauties are easy to build and set up, and provide plenty of noise for not much cash. It does take a little bit of handiwork ability to create. However, you can get the full video build right here.  That type of instruction makes all the difference. 

Having some form of alarm system or perimeter at your BOL is huge. One thing to remember is that your perimeter will be breached. That is the end. There is no getting around that. So, in order to combat that you need a means of being alerted. 

Another helpful thing to prepare for is to take back your property if you lose it. Most people think that they must fight to the death for their location. You could just come back later and take the property away. 

Maybe you cache some weapons away from the home and some other items to help you get it back. No matter the situation you will have an answer. This perimeter trap can help!