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25 Pantry Essentials for the Lost Art of Cooking from Scratch

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Lots of folks busily fill their pantries with emergency food.  They stockpile grains, flours, canned fruits and vegetables, and preserved meats.

But without 25 essential ingredients for scratch cooking, it’s going to be pretty hard to make a delicious meal from those stored items.

25 Pantry Essentials for the Lost Art of Scratch Cooking

People are reclaiming the lost art of cooking from scratch these days in an effort to save money and avoid the trend toward processed food.

A good pantry should have everything you need to whip together a pie, a loaf of bread, a casserole, or a batch of biscuits with no trip to the store required.

What’s more, in a preparedness stockpile, a very real concern with long-term food storage is food fatigue.

By stocking some specific things, you can turn your ho-hum basics into fantastic baked goods and delicious, beautifully seasoned meals.

This is a list of the things you need to go with your whole food ingredients to turn them into delicious meals, so you won’t find things like canned goods, flours,  grains, meats, or veggies.

These ingredients on this particular list are the supporting actors to the starring roles.

If you like to think ahead, be sure to acquire multiples of these items. You shouldn’t run out of them. Few of the items are expensive, and many of these basics can be purchased in large quantities for an even better price.

25 Pantry Essentials for the Lost Art of Cooking from Scratch