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5 Ways To Keep People Off Your Doorstep When SHTF

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If you are bugging in, or for some reason couldn’t bug out, these tips may save you and your family’s lives and your stockpile. It’s no secret that when SHTF, there will be people that want to take advantage of the situation, either by looting, killing and even raping.

You might spend most of your time concerned about these types of threats in an SHTF scenario. However, what about the desperate people who don’t look to do harm but are unprepared. What about the people who show up at your door and need help? 

If you only have the preparedness supplies to serve your family, taking someone else on is going to be a detriment. Let’s look at 5 ways to deter people from coming to your door. 

Ask First 

One of the most effective means of dealing with people asking for help is to ask first. Don’t wait for people to come to your door. Go to theirs. That will set a tone that you don’t have anything. 


Another great way to avoid people knocking on your door is to leave. Head to your bugout location and no one can bother you. That is the whole point of the BOL. You need a place to run when things get crazy. 


If people ask for help you need only lie to them. Tell them you have nothing. They are not going to come into your house and inspect it. If they try you have another problem on your hands.

Act from a Position of Power

At the onset of the disaster explain to your community what is going on and what you will and will not tolerate. You have all the resources already. You have the plans. Make the rules, regarding your home, before people start to assume they can come over. 

Put them to Work

Explain to people that they can earn resources if you have extra. There will be plenty to be done.