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Tips for Eating From the Pantry Without Money for Groceries

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50 Tips for Eating From the Pantry When You Have No Money for Groceries

When do you actually use the stuff in your prepper’s pantry? Have you ever stopped to think about what is the most frequent disaster that causes people to turn to their emergency food supplies? It isn’t what you might think.

The number one reason is not an epic natural disaster. It’s not a national SHTF bank run. It isn’t a terrorist attack, an episode of dramatic social unrest or a deadly global pandemic.

While any of those things could happen, the thing which is most likely to happen gets a lot less attention. It’s a turnaround in your personal finances.  

Since this doesn’t garner the headlines, a lot of people never even stop to consider that a disaster may not be a Mad Max scenario but something more like an unexpected large expense, the loss of a job, a pay cut, a medical crisis, or some other personal concern that only affects your household.

When things go wrong and we have more month than money, it can be difficult to keep the family fed, the bills paid, and a roof over your heads.

However, if you have built a well-stocked prepper’s pantry, you have one less thing to worry about when you have no money for groceries.

This article isn’t about the nuts and bolts of stocking your prepper pantry. Instead, it’s about how to eat from your pantry when times are tough and not feel like you’re being punished.

50 Tips for Eating From the Pantry When You Have No Money for Groceries