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7 Most Likely Infections You’ll Catch When The SHTF

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Organisms that can cause illness are all around us—in our food, water, and air.  They are in the bodies of animals and other people as well.

Infection occurs when some of them get past a series of natural defenses like our skin, inflammation, and antibodies.

As Kendra Lynne states in her article linked below, did you know that within the first three weeks after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, there were reported cases of cholera, tuberculosis, norovirus, and salmonella?

As a consequence of a disaster, or SHTF, outbreaks of infectious diseases typically arise when substantial population displacement occurs. This results in unplanned and overcrowded shelters, with limited access to food and safe water.

To get more information on the 7 most likely of these infections, check out Kenda’s very interesting article.  Fair warning, the first video (Cholera) is a bit of an eye-opener!

7 Most Likely Infections You’ll Catch When The SHTF

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