9 Best Guard Dogs For Home Defense

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9 Best Guard Dogs For Home Defense

9 Best Guard Dogs For Home Defense - preparedness

For most people, home security is about nothing more than installing an alarm system and hoping for the best. Newsflash! Alarm systems DON’T keep burglars out. All they do is alert you when a burglar has already made it inside. This isn’t to say that alarm systems are bad (they’re highly recommended actually), but they’re only one piece of the puzzle. If you really want to protect you and your family, you should consider investing in a security dog. Most dogs will risk life and limb for their owners.

In fact, that’s what they were originally bred for. Not only can a dog alert you when someone is one your property, but they may ultimately deter the breaking by scaring the burglar away (I’ve owned several dogs in my lifetime, and I can say that they’re able to pick up on even the slightest changes in the environment).

But it’s important that you invest in the right dog. For example, while loud, a chihuahua isn’t going to do a good job at intimidating someone from breaking in. You need a dog that’s loud and intimidating (like a German Shepherd or Rottweiler). There are essentially two ways to get a family guard dog – you can buy an adult that’s already trained, or you can raise them from puppies and train them yourself (the first option is usually the more expensive of the two). With either choice, you’ll need to know what dogs are the best options and why.

9 Best Guard Dogs For Home Defense

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