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Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Review

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The only clear answer for those stuck in a city during a disaster is to bug out. Emergency Zone has created a 2 person urban survival bug out bag that is designed to support these two people for 72 hours.

The bug out may serve no group as much as it does the urban dweller. Survival in a city or urban sprawl is going to be near impossible because you will have little access to food and water while facing off with a swelling mass of desperate people who are hell-bent on surviving at any cost. 

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This kit is one bag filled with a ton of storage options and gear that is organized into categorized packages to meet your needs on the road out of town. This kit will offer you a number of solutions:

  • Light and Communication
  • Emergency Guide
  • Weather Protection
  • Food and Water
  • Water Purification
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Tools and Other Items

Each of these solutions comes in a sealed bag that contains the bulk of the items for each section. This makes the bag very easy to maneuver at first.

Once you begin to open things you might need to use the many pockets and storage locations in the bag to keep these items separated and organized.

Key Features

There are three unique things about the Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag that stood out to me right away.


You are provided with a three-day emergency food option made by SOS Food Labs, Inc. These are high-calorie emergency food rations and are made with high caloric intake in mind.

Now, they are not the most delicious little biscuits you will ever have but they are heavy with carbs and sugar. You will appreciate them if you find yourself in a situation where you are out of food.

These bars are designed to be eaten three bars per day. Each person gets a vacuum-sealed pack of 9 bars that will last up to 5 years.

While they are certainly not the ideal food for your body, they are designed for less than ideal conditions and they cross off the need for food over a three-day period.

If you were to combine these with some light foraging, you would have a decent diet to bug out on.


This kit will also provide you with 12 4.22-ounce packs of drinking water. This water tears to open and the taste is great.

Because you have 12 individual packs you have the ability to ration water well and not really concern yourself with spillage.

This water will only provide you with around 9 ounces per day, but the kit also has a bag and tablets for filtering and sanitizing water.


The Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag also has a shelter for at least two.

In a bag that is separated from other packages, you will find two very thin emergency ponchos, two mylar sleeping bags, two hand warmers, and a tube tent.

These accommodations may not sound like the Hyatt, but I can assure you they will outdo most people’s ability to build a lean-to and stay dry. These items will keep you warm and dry if you are facing the elements.


The bag itself, having hit on three critical elements of survival (food, water, shelter), would do well in its own right. This bag has much more to offer and what is provided in terms of hygiene deserves mention as a bonus.

Inside the bag you will find a package that is completely dedicated to hygiene and offers up the following items. Some of them might seem basic but others are very impressive.

  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • 2 Toothbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving Cream
  • Plastic Razor
  • Small Sewing Kit
  • Thin White Hand Towel
  • 2 Women’s Sanitary Pads
  • Toilet Paper
  • Comb

This is a well-thought-out collection of personal hygiene items that will vastly affect life on the bug out.

As you can imagine, items like these will not only add the benefits of hygiene but will allow you to maintain a certain level of routine and the importance of routine in disaster should not be understated. When we lose routine, things get really crazy.

The gear inside the bag shined in most aspects. Its not the highest quality gear but it will certainly get you through to a bug out location and help you along the way.

There is one argument that is indefensible in terms of this bag. If you don’t have a bug out plan or a bag, it is far better to have one of these than not.

The only real improvement that I noticed was the quality of the bag itself. If you were looking to really beat this bag up and live out of it for an extended period of time, I think it may crack under the pressure. The bag is just not a very high-quality bag. I get nervous about the quality of the zippers and things like that.

That said, this is a great option for people who are looking to make a quick leap into preparedness. Two of these bags will outfit a family of four for 72 hours.


The Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag is a great option for new preppers. I think this product solves the problem of having a legitimate survival kit in or out of the home. This kit could double as a get home bag as well with just a few additions or a strong EDC or everyday carry.

This bag also shines as a gift for someone you know needs to be more prepared. Think of this as a kickstart to preparedness for that person in your family or that friend who just won’t get on board.