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A Prepper Notebook: What It Is And Why You Should Have One

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As a prepper, you want to make sure you have considered everything when getting things together for SHTF. One big thing that you will likely lose access to is technology and all that goes with it.

We are very dependent on technology for most things; we use Google to search for anything we need answers to, we make lists and store passwords on our phones, and we make digital copies of important documents.

This, however, could all become redundant if things get really bad and there is no way to charge our electronic items, and also if the internet is no more.

It is important to consider a more physical means for storing the most important information that we would need access to in an emergency.

This is where a prepper notebook comes in. In a prepper notebook, you can organize all your important information in one place and be able to use it with ease.

Here we will look at exactly what a prepper journal is, what you can include in one, and why you should have one.

What is a Prepper Notebook?

What Is A Prepper Notebook

A prepper notebook is basically a journal or notebook that contains all the information you would need when disaster strikes.

This is a place to organize your ideas and thoughts, make note of your plans, store information regarding skills you may need help with, and create checklists of what you may need.

Basically, you make it your own. Your prepper notebook is personal to you and your family and it is what you may need access to in a disaster

Some people may include emergency documents in their prepper notebook in order to keep everything in one place.

Others prefer an emergency binder for essential documents like birth certificates, social security cards, passports, medical records, bank details, and statements.

Often, an emergency binder would be better suited for these documents, as you can keep them in a waterproof pouch to ensure they maintain their integrity in all conditions.

What Could You Include in Your Prepper Journal?

recipe in prepper journal

A previously mentioned prepper journal is a very personal collection of what is relevant to you and your family. Below are some of the things you could include in your prep notebook that would be helpful to have on hand:

  • Plans are important to record; this can include what to do if you plan on bugging out
  • Plans or steps to follow if you plan on bugging in
  • Food storage recipes
  • Cooking methods or options off-grid and recipes to go with this
  • How-to survival details so you can do it yourself
  • There are various routes to take if you need to reach your bug-out location or other resources
  • A self-made botany identification kit, including safe plants native to your area, could be useful
  • Water source locations for when your immediate supply runs out
  • Login and password details if you need to access things
  • Bank details, including account numbers
  • Phone numbers you may need that are currently stored in your phone
  • Checklists for all necessities, like your bug-out bag
  • Frequencies for HAM radio or local first responders to keep updated
  • Skills or steps on how to make or do things that you normally search online
  • Important family information like medical details, eg: medicine allergies
  • Details about your immediate area and useful information that could assist you

These are just some ideas of what to include in your prep journal. The options are really endless, and you can customize your prep journal to your specific needs.

Why Should You Have a Prepper Journal?

Knowledge Is Power

It is worth considering why you would need this information in your prepper journal and why it could be useful to have.

1. Your Prepper Notebook Could Save Your Family

You might be the only prepper in your household, and should you end up injured or not be around when things go bad, your prepper journal can guide your family on what they need to do.

They could follow your bug-out or bug-in plans and be able to manage in your absence. A lot of this information may be in your mind and easier for you to remember as you put it together, but for your family, this notebook could literally save their lives.

They could follow routes you logged for safety, recipes you put together for food storage, meal plans, and inventory logs to ensure they stay on track.

2. All Your Necessary Prepper Information Is In One Place

Often, you may collect your prepper information in a haphazard way, and a prepper journal is a way to keep all your information in one place.

You can paste in helpful articles or maps, write in your survival thoughts and ideas, and record detailed plans in one book. This is an easy-to-access, all-in-one information solution that can make surviving so much easier.

3. Ensure Nothing Is Forgotten

With the ability to manually record all the possible information you may need if technology and electricity fail, you will still have access to all your information and make sure nothing is forgotten.

You can include DIY instructions and how-to survival information so you do not have to try and remember all the important details to keep yourself and your family living as normal a life as possible.

Checklists also ensure you remember all the most important survival items that will keep you going.

4. One Of The Most Valuable Prepper Items You Could Own

Knowledge is power, and that is exactly what your prepper notebook is: a wealth of information and knowledge that can ensure you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Many people would not have the foresight to put a prepper journal together and may think they will always have access to electronics or technology where the bulk of our information is currently stored, but this is a big mistake.

A prepper journal will keep you a step ahead of the rest and ensure your family’s survival.

Final Thoughts

A prepper notebook is an invaluable source of personalized information that can make your life much easier if disaster strikes.

You will never forget anything essential and will be able to access details about things you may not be able to remember.

A prepper journal can keep your most important information in one place for easy access and make sure your family is always prepared, no matter what happens.