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Apocalypse Survival Tips

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There are plenty of apocalyptic scenarios and how they may come about. There is, however, one certainty: life as we know it currently would be over. Being able to turn on your lights or tap for instant electricity and water would likely be over.

Having access to electronics and the internet would possibly come to an end as well. Things would be blown back to the dark ages, and self sufficiency would be the order of the day if you wanted to survive.

There are things to consider that go beyond the basic preparedness strategies, like having a well stocked bug out bag or your basic emergency kits that local governments recommend.

We have some top apocalypse survival tips that can put you ahead of the rest and give you a true chance at surviving the apocalypse.

Becoming As Self-Sufficient As Possible

rural area

This goes into a few different areas, but making sure you do not rely on outside sources for your essentials is a top tip.

From growing your own food to homesteading with animals, you want to make sure you can take care of your family’s basic needs.

Find A Great Piece Of Land In A Rural Area To Set Up Your Home Base

If you can find a good rural location, you will be away from the busy city areas, which will likely become war zones and completely overcrowded as people panic to try and scavenge to survive. A rural area provides you with plenty of space and privacy to set up your new life.

Find an area that will be suitable for farming basic fruit and vegetables native to your area that will be able to sustain your family long-term. The increased area could also give you the space to homestead with animals.

Try To Learn Helpful Skills Now That Could Serve You In The Apocalypse

If you decide to take up a hobby, make sure it is something that could really help you should the apocalypse hit.

Becoming an expert at DIY when it comes to maintenance could serve you well. Learning how to cannel could assist in safe food storage and enable you to make the most of your food and really get it to last.

Practicing skills when you have the luxury of time and it is not your family’s lives depending on you succeeding will allow you to adequately develop them to become proficient by the time you need to use them for survival.

Resourcefulness Is The Name Of The Game

Tripod Water Filter

You need to be able to find essential items without just going to the store. Knowing how to manage nature and the wilderness will be key in the apocalypse in order to survive. Repurposing items is important if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for.

You need to be able to use what is at your disposal for the intended purpose you were looking for.

Purifying Water Is Easier Than You Think

In general, unless you are in a desert or drought-ridden region, there will be a number of natural water sources you can access. From collecting rainwater to using water from a spring or creek, this water can be made safe to drink in a number of ways.

As a prepper, you may have the usual portable methods to purify water, like water purification straws and water purification additives, but these will not last indefinitely.

For a more sustainable option, you can use a solar water purifier and maximize your use of natural renewable resources like the sun.

Repurpose Items That You Have Found Or Scavenged

The usual items you are used to having to make your life easier will no longer be around in the apocalypse. You will need to use certain things for multiple uses and use substitutes or repurposed items for others. An example is finding some soda cans.

There are a number of options for repurposing soda cans that can better serve you in the apocalypse, like making a DIY knife, a portable storage container, or a makeshift canteen.

There are plenty of purposes for most things if you just have a bit of imagination.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

The internet is currently our biggest source of knowledge and information. Without this, many people will be completely lost. We need it to learn how to do things; we need it to store information like passwords and phone numbers.

We are very dependent on technology, and if you are prepared to handle things without it, you can really be ahead of the crowd.

Put Together A Prepper Journal Before The Apocalypse

A prepper notebook is ideal to store essential information like your plans for bugging in or bugging out, routes to get out of your area safely, and details on skills for survival that you may not have access to otherwise.

Basically, you customize your prepper journal to include everything you would need in the apocalypse. This is a vital information source that the average person would not have access to, and it would really give you an edge to be able to survive.

Form An Alliance With Other Survivors That You Trust

There is safety in numbers, and besides the safety aspect, there is also the fact that more people equal a bigger knowledge and skill base.

If you can find other survivors that you are willing to form an alliance with, you can really increase your chances of survival.

With more people in your camp, you will be able to build your own community, which will increase your self-sufficiency and keep your new home protected.

Final Thoughts

The apocalypse does not necessarily mean the end of the world in its entirety, and if you find yourself one of the survivors, you will want to make sure that you have valuable tips like these to increase your chances of survival.

These are not the run-of-the-mill things that the average person would know.

These are the types of tips that encourage you to think outside of the box, enable you to be self-sufficient and resourceful beyond the rest of the population, and give you the edge to both survive and thrive.