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Best Cabin Tent for Rain

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Today we will talk about the most popular tent among families.

Cabin tents are large shelters that enable comfortable camping adventure. They are great for groups as well and for hosting a backyard party.

Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent

There are different kinds of tents on the market. Shelters differ regarding shape, season, weight, and so on.

However, is there the best cabin tent for rain? Tent manufacturers thought of this as they make tents that won’t let you down when it rains.

Summer camping is great but how about going camping in rain or being surprised by it on the campground? If you want a dry camping trip take a look at the next tent’s features and tips.

Waterproof Material

Which is the feature that makes the best cabin camping tent the most valuable? Consider a waterproof tent material if you are camping in a rainy season or expecting rain.

Look for the polyester or nylon fabric, these will keep you dry. You can also get a tent with canvas or poly-cotton material that has been coated with PVC.

A Hint

For a more DIY approach, learn how to waterproof your tent yourself.

You can spray your tent with waterproof spray for additional rain protection. First, you should make sure that the tent is clean and dry. Then apply the spray on the fabric and wipe it out with a soft cloth. Leave it to dry and you are ready to go.

Hydrostatic Head Level

This is the second most vital feature. A good waterproof tent should have at least a 1500 HH rating.

What does this measurement mean? It means that a tent fabric can handle 1500 mm of water.

The more millimeters it handles the better. This is a general rule but you should stick to it.


Waterproof tents are made with thicker material than ordinary tents. This means that the condensation could gather quickly.

However, tent manufacturers thought of this and took care that you have a breathable tent to stay in.

Look for the tent that has rainfly vents and two doors (if possible). This way you can let the air in whenever you need it.

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Additional Tips

It is time that I reveal some of my tips for staying dry on the camping trip. If you follow these you should have a pleasant outdoor vacation.

Pitch Your Tent in the Right Place

Setting your tent in the right place is as important as getting a waterproof tent. Place a tarp on the ground to make sure the water won’t get into your tent.

Where should you pitch your tent to avoid water? When you come to the campground, look for the elevated place. Place the tent side away from the wind. Stay away from low grounds, rivers, and where the water gathers.

Canal Around the Tent

Dig a canal around the tent to prevent water from getting into the tent. It doesn’t have to be dug deep, but just enough to prevent water from crossing the canal. This comes in handy when you face heavy rain.

Appropriate Clothes

You should take appropriate rain clothes even if it is sunny out there. Nature is unpredictable so bear this in mind. The basic rule is to take synthetic clothes that don’t absorb moisture as much as cotton.

Take double pieces of clothes so you can change if you get wet. Bring an anorak or a raincoat that will protect you.

Shoes are important as well. Make sure you bring waterproof shoes that are appropriate for hiking outdoors.

Heat Your Tent

It can be cold on a rainy day and I am sure you don’t want to catch a cold when staying in a tent. For this reason, you can get a heater that will warm the tent’s interior.

There are heaters with batteries or you can plug the heater on electricity if staying in the campground. These should not be left on when you go to sleep or leave!

There are a number of other ways to keep your tent warm including using the right sleeping bag or a thermal blanket.


We love camping but what happens when it starts raining? Remember, you should always prepare before going outdoors as you don’t know what to expect.

A waterproof cabin-style tent is a perfect choice for family camping in the rain. These tents offer space and comfort and protect you from the rain and moisture.

When buying this kind of tent consider the points in this article to get the best out of your camping adventure.

Also, make sure you stick to the additional tips as this way you will be calmer and won’t worry about your outdoor vacation getting worse.