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Best Hunting Backpacks to Satisfy Your Storage Needs

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When embarking on hunting expeditions, having a reliable and efficient backpack is crucial.

In this article, we explore the world of hunting backpacks and highlight the best options available.

From durability and capacity to organization and comfort, we’ll guide you through the top choices to ensure you find the perfect hunting backpack for your outdoor pursuits.

Get ready to elevate your hunting experience with the right gear on your back.

5 Best Hunting Backpacks Reviewed

1. Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack

One of the biggest problems we all face is overstuffing our bags and then feeling our shoulders screaming out to us after the trip is over.

Badlands created this backpack with a ThermoMold padding system that makes carrying everything a little bit easier. Additionally, they have included a rifle/pistol mount on the side of this backpack, eliminating the need for you to carry it on a sling for the duration of your journey.

To keep it in place and maintain your center of gravity, use the chest compression straps. Your COG is important when carrying a backpack. Paying attention to it takes the strain off your lower lumbar, but it also reduces the risk of injury in almost every fashion you can imagine.

Badlands crafted this out of KXO-32 fabric, which comes with a waterproof property to repel rain while you’re in the middle of a hunting trip. No water can enter through the pouch’s top. If you want to have a laugh, you could be drinking water from the two-liter hydration pouch while walking through a rainstorm.

I like it when something lasts a long time, but we all know that nothing lasts forever. Well, Badlands is doing their best to actually overcome that by ensuring an unconditional lifetime warranty with this backpack. Test it out and see if it holds up, or replace it. You’re in excellent hands here.


  • The manufacturer provides an unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • Extremely durable KXO-32 fabric construction
  • ThermoMold offers a carry option for reduced fatigue.
  • A built-in meat shelf
  • Volume of 22.5L


  • Not waterproof


  • Quiet zippers
  • Compression straps
  • Material: KXO-32 Fabric
  • Suspension System: ThermoMold
  • Total Volume: 2250 CI
  • Number of Pockets: 6

2. Eberlestock M5 Elf Hunting Backpack

Eberlestock M5 Elf Hunting Backpack
70 Reviews
Eberlestock M5 Elf Hunting Backpack
  • SUPPORT CONSERVATION: With the Eberlestock M5 RMEF TEAM ELK...
  • READY FOR ANY EXPEDITION: Whether you're carrying hunting...
  • QUICK-ACCESS POCKETS: Hydration and spotting scope pockets...

Big-game hunting always requires more gear than chasing down pheasants. I admire all hunters, but elk hunters know how difficult it is to carry all that gear.

Thankfully, Eberlestock makes it a bit easier with the M5 tactical elk hunting backpack, primarily due to the front and top load spots. Big-game hunting always requires more gear than chasing down pheasants.

I admire all hunters, but elk hunters know how difficult it is to carry all that gear. Thankfully, Eberlestock makes it a bit easier with the M5 tactical elk hunting backpack, primarily due to the front and top load spots.

With this much gear on your back, you need as many access points as possible to keep it ready. They thought of everything. There’s a hydration pouch pack along the side, and on the other, a place for your spotting scope to sit close by your side.

Heavy loads on your back can cause lower lumbar aches and eventual back pain. Nobody wants that to happen, so Eberlestock included ultra-padded straps to give you a helping hand when and where you need it most.

You get a total of fifty liters of capacity for maximum storage. While there isn’t a meat shelf, there is plenty of space for your tactical gear and everything else that you’ll need to use to clean up the kill.

With a decent woodland camouflage pattern, you end up with a stealthy pack that’s built with tough materials and is poised to be the last hunting backpack you’ll ever need.


  • It has a capacity of 50 liters for heavy-duty storage.
  • Two loading options for quick access to your must-have tactical gear
  • Pockets designated for spotting scopes and hydration packs
  • Included with both front and top-loading access for enhanced convenience
  • Its quiet design makes it ideal for all-day hunting.


  • Few users claim that the chest strap starts failing after a few uses.


  • Built-in scabbard
  • Excellent stability and comfort
  • Material: NT7 Fabric
  • Suspension System: Fully Adjustable Shooter’s Harness
  • Total Volume: 3100 CI
  • Number of Pockets: 6

3. Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack

Hunting bags need some serious space, but Badlands was able to make this pack work without being the biggest and baddest in the room.

You get 32 liters of space, which is arguably enough to get the job done, but it is on the lower side. That’s because there’s no fussy design with this pack; you have a main compartment and seven pockets, and that’s it.

If you notice the back straps, they’re designed to take the weight off of your back and more evenly distribute it across your back and shoulders, resulting in a lower risk of injury.

When using this backpack, the easy-access waist belt pockets come in handy multiple times, whether it’s just to pop your cell phone or miniature GPS device into.

Utilize the hydration pack to store up to two liters of water for those long hikes to the hunting or camping spot as well.

One little bit of buyer’s advice: the Approach color is the best camouflage out of the four available styles, but the Solid Earth camo is about forty dollars cheaper.

It’s not going to work well in most woodland environments, but it’s a way to budget a little lower for this top-of-the-line backpack.


  • Easy-to-clean polyester fabric blend
  • Ultralight empty carry weight
  • Medium use; 32 liters in total
  • Scratch- and water-resistant
  • Molded frame suspension


  • A hydration pack is not included.


  • Can carry weapons.
  • Numerous pockets
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Suspension System: ThermoMold
  • Total Volume: 1440 CI
  • Number of Pockets: 7

4. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Hunting Backpack
133 Reviews
ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Hunting Backpack
  • Made of 1680D nylon ballistic and robic nylon fabrics for...
  • Removable waist belt includes pockets, anti-sway straps, and...
  • Pack bag attaches to frame with zippers or compression...

Though we like how the meat shelf was hung, it is not the main draw. For your lower lumbar, there’s a full 180° cushion that grips onto your back to even out the pressure of carrying a heavy bag.

Between that and the padded shoulder straps, I don’t think I’ve ever been more comfortable with 45+ pounds of gear on my back.

Pair that with the supportive rifle mount next to the two external packs, as well as a pistol holster, and you have the most tactical elk hunting backpack that money can buy.

Speaking of which, Amazon Prime members receive a crazy 40%+ discount on the list price, making it one of the most affordable, high-quality elk hunting bags out there.

The empty weight is a little heavy, at just over seven pounds. It’s ironic that it needs a higher weight to help prevent back pain from a heavy carry weight, but it gets the job done nonetheless.

Take full advantage of the hydration pocket to help you on the trail to the hunting ground, while the briar-colored exterior assists you with staying hidden in fall woodland areas.

I don’t recommend going for the coyote brown pack because it increases the cost by a considerable amount and looks quite similar to the Briar style.


  • The side rifle holster is located beside two miniature compartments.
  • Includes a rear meat shelf
  • The padding provides lower lumbar support, while the shoulder strap aids in stability.
  • Hydration pocket and port
  • Hold-open frame


  • The suspension system’s setup is not good.


  • Webbing loops for lashing
  • Internal horizontal divider
  • Material: Durable Nylon Rip-Stop Fabric
  • Suspension System: Secure Lashing System
  • Total Volume: 5250 CI
  • Number of pockets: 3.2 inches.

5. Horn Hunter Hunting Backpack

Horn Hunter Hunting Backpack
21 Reviews
Horn Hunter Hunting Backpack
  • Approximately 2800 cubic inches in the Max 1 backpack
  • 22 different compartments-8 internal compartments to...
  • Side compression panels with triple strap tie-downs

Last on the list is a high-capacity pack that’s going to let you lug around more than you’ll ever need.

This beast holds onto 90 liters of total space, which is plenty for everything you need on your hunting trip.

High capacity requires high durability, and this pack includes H3 tube framing for maximum durability as an internal frame. When you’re lugging 90 liters worth of items around, it’s not exactly going to be light on your shoulders.

Thankfully, these straps are not only adjustable but also have a clip in the middle to fasten to your midsection, reducing the strain on your lower lumbar.

While its empty carry weight is already quite substantial, you must make a trade-off for the high amounts of storage it offers.

This isn’t designed to fit a rifle on the side, though it’s still possible to nestle one in here. You can learn how to augment it by following some online tutorials.


  • The H3 tube framing reduces back strain.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for all heights
  • Impressive 90-liter size
  • Lower divided stuff sack compartment
  • Side entrance panel for simple access


  • Doesn’t include a frame


  • A contoured lid with an accessory pocket
  • Instantly attaches to the full-curl frame.
  • Material: Brushed Ripstop Boss/Polyester
  • Suspension System: Molded Foam
  • Total Volume: 5500 CI
  • Number of pockets: 8.5 inches.


hunting backpack in the woods

There is one with a meat shelf, plenty of storage (measured in liters), and one with ample camouflage.

Yes, you can’t always hit all the marks on your shopping list, but you can choose which ones matter most. We’re not fans of meat shelves, but high-liter storage is the way to go.

If you can properly package your meat with the necessary supplies, you can bring some home and leave the rest for nature.

For elk hunting, that’s how you have to do it. We would tow a whitetail on a game cart, but that’s about as far as I’d be willing to go. Take what you can and leave the rest for nature.