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How to Build Your Own Survival Fishing Kit

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A survival fishing kit is about the best way to get food into your camp. If you have something you can turn to when you find a body of water, you can make a huge impact on calories into the body.

A survival fishing kit is about the best way to get food into camp.

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A survival fishing kit can be made from very basic materials, PVC, wood, paracord, and a few drill holes.

This little gem will offer you a sturdy backbone to “cast and reel” from. Likewise, it will house all of your tack in one place! You can keep your hooks, bobbers, lures, and a multi-tool right inside the PVC pipe.

The Essentials

  • 1” Threaded PVC Adapter
  • 1” Threaded PVC Cap
  • 1” PVC Pipe Of 10” Length
  • PVC Cement
  • Scrap Wood
  • Paracord
  • One Small Washer


The handle of your rod is going to be made of the 10 inch PVC pipe, cap, and adapter. This is going to give you an open-ended people that has a screw top on the bottom.

Be sure you cement all the junctions but the cap so you can take that off! You can also drill a couple of holes in the cap if you would like to create a paracord lanyard.

Using some scrap wood you want to create a tapered and rounded tip for the open end of your pipe. This is going to be formed and cemented in place. It will help the line come off better.

Speaking of the line, you will drill a hole in the top of your tapered wooden “rod tip” and threat line into the pipe. Take your small washer and tie the line to it so the washer is inside the pipe and your spool of line is running through the hole on top. It will keep the line anchored within the kit.

You can braid paracord over the handle of your survival fishing kit. Additionally, you can fill the pipe with all sorts of fishing gear and maybe even a multitool!

A survival fishing kit is about the best way to get food into camp.