Cinder Block Offset Smoker

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cinder block smoker

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Another great product and design by the folks over at Instructables. When I seek out a project over there I am looking for many things but it has to really scream survival to me and this cinder block smoker does.

What I also prefer are cinder blocks projects that can be used up until the end of times, as well. If we are going to invest our hard-earned time into creating something lets be able to use it today as well as in the dark days of tomorrow.

This cinderblock smoker is just that.

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Cinder Block Smoker

You will find step by step directions on how to build and use this offset smoker. having access to something like this could be a make or break in a survival situation.

How better to store precious meat than to smoke it through a cinder block smoker, turn it into jerky and have it for many weeks to come?

Cinder Block Offset Smoker

cinder block smoker

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