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Considering a Secret Room in the Home

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Being a prepper can offer up an entirely new outlook on life. It makes you consider things like where you are going to store all the items you need to be as prepared as possible. For most preppers space is an issue. Another big issue can be OPSEC or operational security.

Being a prepper can offer up an entire new outlook on life.

This can be very hard to achieve if you have food and ammo coming out of every closet. One of the things that you can consider is creating covert storage locations.

Some people use hollowed out everyday objects to store things like ammo, food, and medical supplies. This puts preps right out in the open and people have no idea about it.

One of the more radical ideas is to create a complete cover room. This room can be used for storage or even as a safe room during a break-in. These rooms can vary in size from a full-size living space to a small nook.

Let’s look at a few spots to search in your own home for secret covert storage space.

Under the Steps

Most homes have space under the steps that are nothing but dead air. This could be a great way to take advantage of that space.

In Closets

Sometimes there is room between closets or areas within the walls of closets that are not used. A little carving and patching might prove to be the best way to create a storage area or even a small room for covert stockpiling and the bolstering of your OPSEC.


Using some basics drywall you could build your own coverts space or hidden room in the attic of your home. To a person just peeking up in the attic, the space might seem empty.

Being a prepper can offer up an entire new outlook on life.