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DIY Simple Soda Bottle Mousetrap

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Pests will equal death when you are in an SHTF situation. This is a historical situation that has played out many times over and over again.

This simple DIY soda bottle mousetrap gives you some options when the mice start coming… and carrying disease along with them. This is a simple trap that can be made with items lying around the house.

With the advent of modern medicine and modern sanitation techniques we rarely hear anything about diseases that are spread by animals… except maybe mosquitos. In the event of a serious collapse, all of that will change.

Your ability to keep things clean and to keep yourself and your family separated from these disease-causing pests will increase your chance for survival.

DIY pest control is also a great way to save money, and may even be a necessity if professional pest control is out of reach.

Store-bought poison or natural repellents work especially well for a lot of pests. However, poison can be dangerous to your family and natural options don’t quite cut it for bigger pests like mice.

Soda Bottle Mousetrap

This mouse trap is small enough to put pretty much anywhere in the house and doesn’t use poison, springs, or anything else that could be dangerous to curious little ones.

It takes just a few minutes to assemble and is super easy – just a soda bottle, clothes hanger, a bit of 2×4 and some hardware is all it takes!

A little dollop of peanut butter just inside the opening will prove too enticing for the mouse to resist. Once the critter finds himself trapped, you can just bring the bottle outside and let him out into the wild.

If you are the catch-and-release type, simply put the top on and free the little critter into the wild. 🙂 

Sealing Your Home

Another huge way of dealing with pests is to inspect and seal your home.

By doing a thorough inspection of your home and sealing holes or cracks with caulk or other sealants you can keep tons of creatures out of your home. 

The Pest Triangle

Just like a fire triangle, pests have conditions that they prefer. As a result, if you take those away you will have the ability to keep pests at bay.

Understanding the pest triangle is critical to keep pests away from the home. 

Water, Food, and Harborage are the three important parts of that triangle. Harborage is material and locations where nests can be made.

Pooling water and food sources should all be removed from your property, as well!


I am always impressed by these creations that involve simple human ingenuity and self-sufficiency. You will need a method to control the mouse population and this could be the answer.