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How And Where To Drill A Well On Your Land

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Knowing how and where to drill a well on your land could save you and your family from dehydration if SHTF. If you live miles away from a natural water source you may struggle to collect water once the water stops flowing from the facets.

I found this video from a prepper on YouTube who goes over how to and where to drill a water well on your land. The video is HD and full of great information.

I normally try not to link to videos as I know they can be annoying when trying to get information from them, this is an exception because after watching the video I got so much information I needed to share it with you all.

Having your own well, will not only ensure you have fresh, clean water whenever you need it, but you will be self-sufficient and off the grid, saving you money in the long term.

If you do not have time now to watch it bookmark this article or the video, but honestly, get great information from this video if you want to find the water yourself and not pay thousands for a company to come out and locate it for you.

How And Where To Drill A Well On Your Land