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Emergency Communications for Natural Disasters

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It’s easy to look at the landscape of America and understand what threats we face. Some of those are things that could happen because of war, social upheaval but one of the biggest threats comes from natural disasters. While we can fantasize about lots of doomsday scenarios we should always be prepared for what we know is coming.

Think about it. If we don’t prepare for what we know is coming, well, what’s the point of all this?

We need a serious and calculated response to natural disasters. While it’s easy for people to understand the need for food and water and maybe even first aid, many people overlook communications. That’s an issue.

Communications will tell you one of the most important things: Is help coming?

If you know that help is coming, or not, it changes everything. You have to be prepared for that. It is the core of decision making in regard to whether you stay or go.

Emergency Radio

At the very least you are going to need a reliable emergency radio. This radio should have multiple methods of power.

In most natural disasters your local radio broadcast is going to inform you of what’s happening at the ground level and whether or not help is coming.  A good hand-crank radio can go a long way.

HAM Radio

Patching into the powerful community of amateur radio broadcasters can give you a powerful range in terms of communications. You will not only get word on what is happening in your local area but you can get information from across the nation.

Community Network

You will be surprised at what you can learn from the people who live around you. There are paramedics, police, and city officials living in your neighborhood. If you reach out to the community you will be amazed at the intel.

The important part is that you are going to want to form some relationships in your community today!