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Four Ways Survivalists Must Process Wood

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Wood plays a huge role in survival. It is a resource that not only offers building materials but trees are also great sources of food and even medicine!

When you are creating a wilderness pack you are going to want to be smart about the tools you carry. This survival bag, or whatever you call it, will be there to achieve several things. 

Every survivalist should be equipped to process wood. There are four things that any survivalist must be able to do to wood. These are all simple but very important. 

Split Wood

Naturally, the act of splitting wood is very important because it creates firewood. This is paramount to survival. That’s not the only reason for splitting wood but it’s a darn good one! 

Cross Cut the Grain

Usually done with a folding saw, cross-cutting the grain on wood is essential to creating wood lengths of varied sizes.

Shape the Wood

Using a drawknife is a great way to shape wood. It’s actually the tool used to make traditional bows by hand. You will shave small amounts of wood away at a time and shape lumber or whatever else you are after.

[YouTube Video dGiZ3bO9oKg]


Bore Through the Wood 

You also need a means of boring through the wood. This can be done using some form of an auger. This gives you the ability to make holes in wood for any number of reasons. You can address this in a number of ways but a bit and brace is only one option. 

Remember, you have to be able to create some of your own tools. You must also know how to repair old tools. There will not be a Lowes for you to go pick up tools. That is a paradigm shift for lots of people.