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Goose as a Survival Game Meat

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You may remember from Dickens, and the stories of that era, what a big deal a goose was on Christmas. The goose is one of the most underrated meats in abundance.

 These creatures are made up of dark, succulent meat and a nice fatty skin that crisps up when roasted. If you have ever had duck than you have had the light version of Goose.

Many preppers and survivalists like the idea of snaring and hunting small game or even taking the occasional big game animal. My advice to you is to get to the water for protein. Not only will you have access to the fish in that water but the waterfowl are so comfortable around humans they will not be at a great distance nor hard to approach. Goose as a survival game meat may be one of the most overlooked options out there.

In 2009 the snow goose had battled back from near extinction a century prior to become an infestation problem in some areas. If you remember they were the cause of the engine failure in that heroic Hudson River miracle. This overabundance has not been fixed and we are still seeing geese all over this nation in substantial numbers.

“I’ve seen flocks wall to wall at times that you can’t see the ground,” said Curtin Martin, who owns a 260-acre farm in Annville, Pa.

Because of their great taste, massive fat content and abundance I think that geese are truly a perfect example of a top survival game meat. Fat is going to be one of those things many people struggle to find in a survival situation. You can render huge amounts of fat from these birds that can be used for cooking and preservation. Not to mention geese do a fair amount of migration which means the flocks will cycle and become more susceptible to your sneaky hunting methods. Let’s talk about what it takes to hunt geese today.

In a survival situation where governments and rule of law have expired, you will be able to take geese in any number using any method you want. Of course, you want to assure the flocks aren’t hunted to extinction or you will be out of a great food source. Without laws, we must still practice some semblance of conservation or there will be nothing left to eat.

In today’s world, with today’s laws you will need a few things to get successfully hunt


One of the few government agencies that I have confidence is the many game commissions in each state. These bodies are built of scientists and biologists who use up to date science and techniques to assure healthy game populations all over the nation. Due to their efforts, America has more whitetail deer roaming the great nation then there was before Columbus arrived! This is an amazing statistic.

When you decide to hunt waterfowl, you will likely have to get more than one license. Geese fall under the distinction of waterfowl and I think you can figure out why on your own. To hunt geese here in Virginia you will need a standard hunting license and you will need a license to hunt migratory waterfowl.


The 12-gauge shotgun with a nice long barrel should give you the kind of shot accuracy you will be looking for. You may need a barrel of at least 18€ per regs. Some people like to shoot a 10 gauge and this is an old method but one that still carries weight today. In my opinion comfort and pattern matters most to me. Get something you enjoy shooting.

Check your local regs for shot size and other restrictions. You will need to shoot steel shot over water so keep that in mind as well. This helps with the lead pollution in our waterways.


One of the most important pieces of gear you can possess outside of a solid weapon for taking geese is your call. A high-quality goose call is imperative in calling these birds down into the striking distance. Look at this in-depth review to find the BEST GOOSE CALL that fits your particular needs.

You will also want a superior quality blind for taking cover from the birds as they fly overhead. They will be looking for predators and if they see you out there making all kinds of noise they are going to just keep right on flying. You can make a blind from sticks and natural cover or you can buy a goose hunting blind that is like a camo sleeping bag if you’ve never seen one.

Decoys are another huge part of any waterfowl hunting adventure. Again, you are looking to ease these birds in from their flight pattern above. What could be more welcoming than a pond that already has some geese calmly floating about? A few good decoys and a strong call will bring them in. Then it’s up to you to make the shot.

To hunt geese today will require a small investment and you will have to look for areas where hunting is permitted. That said, if you have this gear and the SHTF you will already be prepared to hit those local bodies of water when survival game meat is in high demand.

Do not discount this great food source in tough times. You will have to prepare for hunting them and you will be responsible for regulating your efforts. We nearly wiped them out in the past so it would be nice not to do that again. Aside from that, the goose is one of the best survival foods plodding around today. The best part is most people aren’t thinking about them. This will give you an upper hand in the early days of the collapse.