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Homeless Survival Lessons – Good tips for all

Homeless Survival Lessons – Good tips for all

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Homeless Survival Lessons — see homeless people every day and somehow we keep ignoring them since we are too busy competing in the rat race.

We see homeless people every day and somehow we keep ignoring them since we are too busy competing in the rat race. People never stop and think about how these people ended up without an address and how they manage to survive for so long. We fail to realize they are the real survivors of our modern times and they manage to subsist even when all odds are against them.

More surprisingly, some of the people you interact with on a daily basis are homeless and there’s nothing to give it away. They look just like you and me and they are functioning members of society without having a place of their own.

If you have the chance to volunteer for a homeless aid organization and if you spend some time with those without an address, you will learn things you never imagined. Their survival lessons and the knowledge they acquired while living in the concrete jungle can be exploited by anyone. It is astonishing how they manage to improvise a shelter, how they cook their food and how they procure everything needed to have a somehow normal life.

Can you imagine what your life would look like if would trade places with them? How will your survive being homeless, without all the luxuries you are accustomed to? This is no farfetched scenario and many people are just one paycheck away from losing it all.

Homelessness is a tragic problem everywhere and it becomes a true survival struggle for most of the people without an address. The survival lessons you learn from the people living on the streets are more real than any survival TV show and provide good information for emergency preparedness.

Read the full article below to learn the incredible survival lessons shared by the homeless:

Homeless Survival Lessons – Good tips for all

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