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The Bulletproof Car – How Much Are You Really Spending?

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The demand for bulletproof cars is rising. This guide will help teach you all about bulletproofing your car, how it will benefit your day to day lives, and how much you will be spending to achieve this goal.

Why A Bulletproof Car?

Man Wearing A Suit Standing Near A Bulletproof Car

You may be wondering, why should I bulletproof my car? Not many people understand the perks of this. The main purpose of bulletproofing your car is to ensure extra protection for your vehicle, yourself, and your passengers. It is rational to think this extreme, but in the long run safety is the only priority.

People want a bulletproof car for several reasons. Not only is it protective over attacks, but it is more sustainable, long lasting, and is great for everyday use. If a person was in a road accident, for example, this car is strong enough to protect them from major injury whilst also protecting the car itself.

There are two routes you can go down when decided to own a bulletproof car – you can purchase a new armored vehicle, or you can purchase parts to make your current vehicle bulletproof. Both options are valid and have the same means of protecting, however they do vary in price and sustainability.

The Armored Car

An armored car is a vehicle typically used in the military, made to protect against bullets and other weaponry alike. However, for a civilian to own an armored car with the same protective features is completely legal.

A vehicle like this one is able to withstand fierce attacks and is suitable for people who want to stay cautious or for people living in a country with higher rates of potential attacks.

The armored car is available in many different types of vehicles such as limousines, trucks, sedans, and sports cars. This variety means the armored vehicle is appropriate and accessible to anyone who finds it necessary.

There are many benefits to buying a car like this.

  • It is reliable. Compared to your usual car, an armored car is built with heavy metals and defensive plastics. They are also equipped with tires specialized to withhold damages such as fire damage. This makes it advanced and more reliable than your average car.
  • It blends in. You may have thought that armored cars would be this huge beast of a vehicle, a car that people would turn their heads to and see is an extraordinary vehicle. But you’re completely wrong. The armored car looks just as normal as your regular car. There is nothing about its exterior design which lead a person to believe it is armored and doesn’t stand out at all. You will not be in the spotlight but you will also have that guaranteed safety when in the vehicle. Armored cars are not only popular in the US, but other countries such as Brazil and countries in Africa too. There is a large satisfaction rate amongst car users and a high demand to have that added safety. The natural look is an added bonus to purchasing an armored car.
  • The armored car is unbreakable. This car comes with highly unbreakable glass which is stronger than the average car’s body. The glass is so strong that not even a bullet can shatter it so you know that you will be driving around with no problems.

How Much?

Although owning an armored car seems like the perfect solution to all your car worries and concerns, this does cost much more than the average vehicle. For that extra protection, armored cars can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000, sometimes much more.

This may seem like a lot of money, but for the features that comes with the vehicle it is very worth it. Remember, these armored vehicles are used for military purposes which require expensive material which are not easily accessible to all. A high-quality car means money has to be spent.

The Bulletproof Car

If you are looking for a car that holds the same maximum protection of an armored car but want to spend your money accordingly, then bulletproofing your car may be the best option for you. Bulletproofing your car is an alternative strategy to buying an armored vehicle.

This is because you are given the freedom to design your vehicle however you desire instead of having the entire car protected from head to toe. This is suitable for people who don’t want to spend too much money or who or only looking for specific modifications.

The prices for these modifications can vary depending on what you would like modified and where, as well as on the materials used and the work put into it.

What Can I Get Modified?

Men Putting Bulletproof Windshield On Car

There are many areas of the vehicle which you can get modified, including both on the exterior and the interior of the car.


You can choose to replace your tires with new, strong ones. This, out of all of the modifications, is the cheapest. With bulletproof tires you won’t have to worry about bullets effecting the power of the drive.

If there is someone firing at the vehicle, you will still be able to get away swiftly without any stuttering or altercations.

This, for many, is one of the most important features of the car because a shooter will typically be aiming for the tires as it slows the driver down and stops them from driving away, but with bulletproof tires there won’t be this issue.

It is important to note that creating a bulletproof tire isn’t a simple process. Tires are made from rubber and rubber, of course, can be penetrated from anything as miniscule as a sharp knife. What makes the tires ‘bulletproof’ is what is inside that rubber.

The rubber is center lined with a separate wheel which allows the car to move even with a flat tire.
The cost of bulletproofing your tire can vary depending on the size and the model of the car, but typically for bulletproof tires you will be looking at prices ranging between $800 and $3,600.


Windows are another major area of concern and is a modification which will go a long way. Windows, for a bullet, are the easiest things to break. Not only is it shattering the glass, but the glass can hit yourself or your passengers which can be harmful.

Bulletproof windows range in thickness, from 1 to 3 inches – what you decide to have is dependent on how much protection you feel you need.

The great thing about windows is that it can easily be done by yourself, and there are different types of glass to choose from. Tempered glass is one option, and although not bulletproof it is shatterproof meaning no one will be harmed by flying glass.

Another glass window option is one-way resistant glass. This glass is just what it says – it works one way. If your car is being attacked and shot at, the glass will be strong enough to withhold the bullet but from the inside you are able to shoot back with no problems.

The cost of a bulletproof window can vary massively, and this depends on if you want to install these changes yourself or have it done by a specialized professional.

Generally, bulletproofing your windows will cost between $25-$100 per square foot, but if done professional can range anywhere between $3,000-$20,000.

Of course, if you want the best quality then you will have to pay more, but you can be assured that there are other cheaper ways to make your windows safe.


Your engine is the most important part of the vehicle – it allows it to run. Without your engine your car would have no purpose, so it is important to ensure the safety of the engine by adding that extra protection.

Bulletproofing your engine can easily save your life, especially if something is fired directly at the engine. In general, engines are powerful enough to handle heavy shielding however it is still important to speak to your car professional before thinking further about installing this engine alteration.

The cost of bulletproofing your engine can range anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. You can’t forget that internal areas are just as important as external.


A bulletproof floor may seem unnecessary to some but is also a very important feature to take into consideration. The floor of the car can be vulnerable to major incidents, such as fires or, in rarer cases, the plantings of a bomb.

By protecting your floors, you are protecting it from explosives and high heat. The cost is all dependent on the size of your vehicle. If you own a smaller car then the price could be around $2000. For a larger vehicle you could be paying around $5000.

Final Thoughts

A bulletproof car can be expensive however it is sure to keep you safe and is well worth the money. What is great about this is not only the added protection it provides for yourself, your car, and your family, but how the options for modification are varied.

You can choose to purchase a car designed with that maximum protection, guaranteed to stand any bullet or attack with its military power, or you also have the option of personalizing your own vehicle and adding protective properties.

By giving these options, it will benefit the buyer as they are able to work out their own costs and not worry about spending too much. If you choose to purchase an armored car, it also offers a variety of types to fit your style.

Whether you want a protected truck, a luxurious sports car, or are looking for a sturdy vehicle to drive important people around in, it will be accessible to you.

The bulletproof car is a phenomenon which has benefitted people alike worldwide. Particularly in counties susceptible to crime and violence, this vehicle can come in handy. The most important thing for any car user is to feel comfortable and of no threat.

With a modified car you will be sure to feel protected and safe. There is no judgement in wanting your livelihood to be safe, whether that is through the protection of your home through home security, or in your own car.

The crime rate in the US alone is always rising with discussions of gun crime, home invasion, burglary, and much more. Cars, too, can be a target of crimes such as carjacking and it is essential that you know what to look for when purchasing this protection.

You need to know which areas of the vehicle are the most vulnerable, where a potential shooter might aim, the areas where your family could be in harm. You also need to know of the price ranges and of the quality you are paying for.

Bulletproofing your car is worth it and is a great investment if you want to make those extra precautions.