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How To Clear A Stuffy Nose In Just TWO Minutes

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How To Clear A Stuffy Nose In Just TWO Minutes

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A stuffy nose can be annoying.

Your nose drips and runs; you sound funny when you talk; and just when you want to blow your nose to finally breathe again, nothing comes out.

Many people mistakenly think a stuffy nose is the result of too much mucus in your nasal passages.

A stuffy or clogged nose is actually caused by inflamed blood vessels in your sinuses.

These irritated blood vessels are usually caused by a cold, the flu, allergies, or a sinus infection.

Whatever is causing your stuffed-up nose, try this trick and breath normally again!

Bonus: Root Cellar That Can Be Used as a Bunker

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Easy Cellar will also reveal how a veteran, with only $421, built a small nuclear bunker in his backyard.

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