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How To Use Duct Tape For Survival & Emergencies

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Sometimes, the S can HTF in some really odd ways. Though they aren’t always a ‘disaster,’ they can cause some frustration, anger, inconvenience, and sometimes injury. Duct tape uses are almost infinite. And while most of us have read at least one list of what you can do with it, today we’ll look at how to use duct tape for survival and emergencies.

Duct Tape Uses

Miles Straume from Lost said: “I don’t believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape.”. And I see his point: our family has used it to deal with so many situations, we always have a roll tucked somewhere in the car.

Used extensively by crafters, this handy product is definitely not just for the DIY’ers out there! The tape can be used to repair just about anything from mending a broken fishing pole, to patching up a tent. And you never know when you might just need it in an emergency situation!

The list below is for practical uses around the house:

  • repairs
  • making things last longer
  • and just general good use for this wonderful invention.

Most people know about using this tape to make a splint for an injury. But not many know that duct tape will get rid of warts, too!

Other uses include:

  • holding broken windows together
  • making some welding gloves
  • and of course, the typical boat repair to keep yourself from sinking (while in the water!)

Whether you use traditional duct tape or go for the Gorilla tape, both will serve you well! Each one has strong adhesive and fibers woven throughout the material to avoid unwanted ripping, fraying, and of course, to give the tape more strength!

Do a quick search and you’ll see just how many things that people use duct tape for – successfully!

How To Use Duct Tape For Survival & Emergencies

Once you take a look at my list here, you'll never be found without a roll of duct tape.


The uses for duct tape seem to be endless and can be applied, literally, across all types of people, jobs, and cultures. It would take volumes of space to put all of the ideas and uses for this incredibly versatile product! When it comes to using it around the house or for preparedness and survival situations, the possibilities are mind-blowing!

Say you are out camping and one of your tent poles snaps. Grab a stick and splint the pole with it and some duct tape!

Speaking of splints, you can use this tape and a good branch to make a splint for someone who is injured over their clothing, too. It may not be pretty, but any help in immobilizing the injured area is a good thing.

What about repairing a rip in a tarp? Need a spear? Duct tape your knife to the end of a sturdy branch. The list is huge and can easily grow to be in the thousands for just preparedness and survival situations alone!