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A List Of Plants You Think You Can Eat, But You Can’t

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I read this article and immediately knew I need to share this knowledge with you all. There are three types of plants, edibles plants, non-edible plants and the third and probably the most dangerous is plants you think you can eat but you can’t.

If you into survival or prepping knowing what wild edibles you can eat is very important because they may be all you have to eat and provide your body nourishment for days, weeks and god forbid, months.

How many times have you been walking in the woods or around town and you saw a plant you thought you can eat? I know for sure I have and like the picture shows above, the plant that has the green and red fruit on it called Tropical Soda Apple or Horse Nettle.

For many years I have thought that you could eat them. Well, nope. I am so glad I didn’t and glad I found this amazing article which shows you a great list of commonly thought edible plants but actually aren’t.

A List Of Plants You Think You Can Eat, But You Can’t