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Make a One Log Fire at your Campsite

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There are many ways to handle fire at your campsite. Many people only know the basics of fire making. They have no idea just how diverse it can be. 

  • Dakota Fire Holes
  • Fires Designed to Burn All Night
  • Upside Down Fires 

We have been burning wood for a LONG time and it shows in how we prepare our fires. 

The basics of ignition pretty much remain the same. You are going to be looking for tinder, something to spark that tinder and some quick kindling to get that first flame into. From there your imagination can run wild. 

Have you ever heard of a Swedish candle? 

We have a build here that explains how to make a one log rocket stove that can be made at any camp site. This is a cool little camping DIY that gives you a new set of options when it comes to fire building. 

There is something precious about a good fire. You know the type. It has a great bed of glowing coals beneath it and its not going anywhere. Its the type of fire that just consumes fuel without hesitation. there is no fear it will blow out. 

Around that fire you have incredible conversations in groups or you just sit back and dissolve into thought if you are alone. Frankly, its like a portal to our past. 

Humans have been sitting around fires for eons and there is still something special that happens when we all gather round. 

Add this one log rocket stove to your repertoire and you will undoubtedly impress you next camping group as they have likely never seen this before.

Just be prepared to teach them because they are gonna want to know how you pulled it off in the first place!