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Make Moonshine for Barter

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It’s hard to believe but withdrawal from alcohol addiction is deadly. There are a lot of things that you can quit that will be hard on you but only a few of them can kill you. Alcohol is one of them

This is astounding to me because of its availability. The stuff is everywhere. From supermarkets to gas stations, you can have all the alcohol your wallet can buy.

What happens when the world of supply and demand stops turning. What happens when the trucks stop rolling in? What do all the drunks do when the alcohol dries up. How will they cope with the withdrawals?

How about making your own alcohol or DIY moonshine that you can barter with? It’s a very easy process but think for a second what it looks like if you can make your own alcohol. 


Obviously, as a barter item, you are going to get a lot out of your moonshine. People looking for a good time or people fighting off the itch are all gonna give you most anything you want to get some booze. 


With alcohol, you can use roots, herbs, and berries to make tinctures. These are powerful healing agents that will keep you healthy all year long. A tincture of iodine is even used to sanitize water. That is a powerful little DIY to make. 

Making tinctures is also a breeze. 


Pouring alcohol on wounds or instruments for healing is a great way to sanitize them. You can really clean out wounds well with alcohol and moonshine is great for it. Having this stuff on hand and the skill to make it will go a long way when personal hygiene begins to suffer. 

This is a valuable skill that should be not only tried once but done over and over to achieve something that is of high quality. With that, you can go a long way.