Make a Fire Bed and 3 Otherways to Stay Warm Outside

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The cold is a monster. If you aren’t prepared for it and you’re trapped out in it, you realize what a monster it can be. Many people lament the cold season but the majority of us spend all of our time in a heated home or workplace. Here is a quick rundown of how a fire bed, along with three other ways, can keep you warm at night.

How To Make A Survival Fire Bed - It is really simple to make and actually works really well, it has been shown on Les strouds "survivorman" show and various other survival shows. There is a danger to this method but if you have half a brain cell you should be OK.

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Build a Fire Bed

American’s have lost touch with the winter, for the most part. That is a problem because we are not giving the cold its just do.

Only when we make that annual punch into the wilderness do we experience a night out in the elements. It’s easy to underestimate how cold it can become overnight and what that cold can do to you. 

There are many ways to maintain body temperature. Creating a fire bed is a great means of staying warm even in the harshest environment.


The method of layering clothes goes a long way. It’s not just a bunch of crap that comes from a clothing supplier to get you to buy more. No this is tried and true methodology that has worked for people in cold climates forever.

Layers around your neck and on your head can make a huge difference in the cold. 

Collapsible Woodstove

If you have a tent that is outfitted for it, you can use a collapsible wood stove to heat your tent or your camp in the winter.  These collapsible woodstoves are pretty affordable and can be put to use in the home in times of emergency. 

Wool Blankets

Don’t underestimate wool blankets. We have “space-aged” materials that are impregnated and woven with all sorts of cool insulating fibers. 100% wool blankets and sleeping bags go a long way! This material is highly insulative and even water-resistant. 

Be sure you get 100% wool or else you will miss out on what real wool is all about. Start your collection now and have wool for colder times. 

The cold is a monster. If you arent prepared for it and you're trapped out in it, you realize what a monster it can be. Many people lament the cold season but the majority of us spend all of our time in a heated home or workplace. 

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